STO transfers 9.09% stake in hive technology at 800 million yuan.

STO transfers 9.09% stake in hive technology at 800 million yuan.

Sina Technology News June 15th news, STO (002468.SZ) announcement, said that all capital subsidiary Shen Tong in June 14, 2018 and Shenzhen Wei Rong signed the "Shenzhen Fengchao technology limited company equity transfer agreement", Fengchao technology 9.0948% equity, the transfer price of 818 million 530 thousand yuan.

According to the announcement, Feng Chao technology completed the last round of financing in January 2018 to be 9 billion RMB. After negotiation, the transferee and the transferee agreed to agree on the value of the post valuation of the transfer valuation above 9 billion.

After the completion of the transaction, Shentong limited no longer holds the stake of Feng Chao technology.

In addition, the financial data of 2017 according to the announcement of Feng Chao technology in 2017 are as follows: by May 31, 2018, the total assets of Feng Chao technology were 6 billion 311 million 289 thousand and 600 yuan, the total liabilities were 1 billion 732 million 147 thousand and 400 yuan, the net assets were 4 billion 579 million 142 thousand and 200 yuan, and the business receipts in the period of 5 months May 31, 2018 were 288 million 206 thousand and 900 yuan, and the net profit was - 248 million 577 thousand and 700 yuan. (the above financial data are Unaudited)

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