Who is in charge of the "electric tiger" in the water? Multi department is not clearly defined

Who is in charge of the

Original title: who will control the accident of "electric tiger" in water? Multi department is not clearly defined

According to the voice of China, news related events have caused frequent public concern. In May, 3 children in Fuqing, Fujian, played an electric shock in the landscape pool of the district. Last week, a heavy rain was encountered in Guangdong, and in Guangzhou and Foshan, another accident occurred in a succession of two pedestrians in the water. The continuous electric shock caused people to worry very much. Reporter survey found that there is no clear responsibility department for such security risks investigation, so who will be responsible for the damage once it occurs?

Take Nanjing as an example, the reporter first asked the power supply department. The power supply department said that the power supply facilities, such as substations, transformer boxes and high voltage wire facilities are responsible for the power supply department, and the underground cable construction of the power supply department also has strict requirements. It must be buried in a certain distance. In general, these power supply facilities are relatively safe, but if external force occurs. Damage, such as construction of cable breaking or mechanical wiping, may cause leakage hazard. Electric shock in water is not always the responsibility of the power supply department.

In the city, many light box ads, including street lamps, signal lights, various monitoring equipment, and so on, need to use a lot of electricity. If these departments are not deep buried in the construction cable, or through the rolling of pedestrians, causing damage to the wire, it may become a "electric tiger" in the water. Xiao Qin, a front-line electric worker, analyzed that electric power system is not enough for the rainy areas in southern China.

The reporter also asked the security supervision department, the security supervision department said that their main function is the safety of the enterprise production, the fountain, water hidden dangers are not in their regulatory scope.

From the survey, the investigation of this kind of safety hidden danger is not clearly responsible for a certain functional department. It also means that under the special weather such as torrential rain, the security is mainly on its own guard.

Ling Jianhao, a lawyer of Nanjing Taihe law firm, said that the hidden danger of electric shock in the rainstorm is similar to the hidden danger of the fountain pool, which should be responsible for the maintenance and management of the unit construction management. He stressed that, for example, the fountain, then this time will find the fountain management. Because the fountains are responsible for the fountain itself. If he did not do such a management obligation, and also because of the heavy rain in the city, which led to some damage, it was possible that the manager would be responsible for the legal responsibility. In addition, if there are some problems in the power supply facilities, then the power supply facilities of these power supply management departments may be liable.

At the same time, the power supply department also reminds that, according to the regulations, the operation and maintenance of the power supply facilities should be determined according to the ownership of the property rights. All the units and individuals of the society should fulfill the safety responsibility of the power supply facilities that belong to their own property rights, do well the operation and maintenance, and standardize the daily electricity inspection. Outdoor advertising lamp box, bus stop advertising card, automatic express delivery box and other facilities, to strengthen the awareness of electricity safety, timely elimination of security risks, prevention in the bud.

It is difficult to avoid wading and walking on rainy days. In cities, light boxes, ammeters, electric boxes, poles, switches and advertising boxes are everywhere. Power supply department, safety supervision department and user unit seem to have jurisdiction, but who will manage it? In order to build safer cities, departments need to clarify responsibilities and powers so as to ensure that management is in place to avoid the occurrence of incidents of "electricity tigers hurting people" in water.

Nanjing Taiwan reporter Yuan Ling

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