People's Daily: better use of personal information, better protection.

People's Daily: better use of personal information, better protection.

To balance the relationship between information development and utilization and the protection of personal information security is related to the legitimate rights and interests of everyone, and whether the digital economy can be truly far from the distance.

In recent days, the issue of personal information security has again aroused widespread concern. A APP that provides a flight dynamic service query because it adds the "view the homepage" feature to expose users to personal information; the Ministry of industry and credit "blacklist" shows that the 46 APP is suspected of forcibly bundling other applications, collecting and using user personal information without the consent of the user; video website A The station announced that tens of millions of user data were released because of hacker attacks. This once again reminds us that we must deal with the issue of privacy protection in the development of digital economy.

The information technology revolution is in the ascendant, and personal information has high commercial value. From the digital economy ranked second in the world, to the mobile phone payment, sharing economy, "Internet plus" and other new formats, new mode of leading the world trend, the current Chinese, digital economy is becoming a high quality driving development, leading economic and social innovation accelerator. The Internet has expanded the development space extensively and deeply, and has also brought the risk challenge of privacy protection. The global issue of information technology promoting social transformation and increasing risk of information security is increasingly facing us. It can be said that the balance of the relationship between information development and utilization and the protection of personal information security concerns the legitimate rights and interests of everyone, and whether the digital economy can be truly far away.

The proper collection and use of personal information is an inevitable prerequisite for the development of digital economy, but collecting information and data is of equal importance to building data trust. This means that the user has the right to decide whether to transfer part of the personal information and what information to transfer, and the enterprise also has the obligation to respect the user's will and protect the user's privacy. Before the red line of network security and personal information security, no one can become a runaway horse. No one has surpassed the privilege of law. It is illegal to collect user information and excavate user preferences for the purpose of doing business. Similar practices are like building on the beach, which is difficult to truly support the building of digital economy. What data is private, what data is public information, which once authorized a use, what information an authorization can flow freely, how to define, enterprises and users how to share the responsibility for the consequences, answering these questions, it needs the government, enterprises and social cohesion and consensus and work together more wisdom.

Innovation has no boundaries, but innovation has rules. The recently held National Conference on network letters stressed that industries and enterprises as key information infrastructure operators bear the responsibility of main protection. This means that the Internet enterprises should not only control the profit impulse, abide by the legal regulations, keep the bottom line of the transaction without the user's privacy information, and take the privacy protection into consideration in the design of new products and new business models, so as to solve the relationship between security and development. The innovation without privacy protection is doomed not to go far. Only by taking into account the new products and models of information security, can we stand the test of the market.

Privacy protection and information security are far from enough based on industry self-discipline and enterprise consciousness. It is also necessary for relevant management departments to strengthen legislation and supervision. In accordance with the law to crack down on Internet hackers, telecom network fraud, and infringement of personal privacy of citizens, the competent authorities should move the regulatory pass forward to improve the basic rules and governance patterns of information collection, storage, utilization and opening. Where new technology develops, privacy protection and law enforcement supervision must go in. Only by truly building an information security firewall can we lay a solid foundation for the development of digital economy.

Who mastered the Internet, who grasped the initiative of the times; who can better promote the governance and social changes needed to fit the development of the Internet, who can better adapt to and lead the development of information. Today, the digital economy is everywhere, only to keep the footing of information security, we can better grasp the development opportunities of the wave of information, enjoy the time dividend of the digital economy.

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