US media: China's J-10 improved capability has become a powerful threat to the US air force.

US media: China's J-10 improved capability has become a powerful threat to the US air force.

Original title: U.S. military media: the improved capability of the -10 fighter has become a powerful threat to the US air force.

The US national interest bimonthly website published in June 12th entitled "China's fighter jets" -10 "can display the best state of the air force in the fierce battle in the air? It reported that the JF's fighter -10 fighter is China's first fourth - generation fighter, which is comparable to the American F-15C hawk and F-16 "war Falcon" and Russia's su -27 "side guard" and MIG -29 "pivot".

Reported that when the -10 was launched in 1988, the original idea was to fight the Soviet Union -27 and MIG -29 as pure fighter planes. But the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 meant that Beijing could develop the fighter -10 into a multipurpose fighter, which could complement the growing "side" aircraft fleet of the Chinese air force.

It has been reported that since the -10 service in 2004, it has become an important weapon in the Chinese Air Force sequence. At present, about 350 are in service, providing China with a relatively low cost but powerful fourth generation attack fighter. In fact, the United States Air Force has seen the most modern fighter -10 as a "Eagle" threat before the F-15C fleet, which is produced by Boeing. The -10 combines advanced body design with advanced avionics. Over the years, Beijing has been working on upgrading it.

It was reported that the first fighter -10A fighter was a relatively basic fourth generation fighter, but its cockpit was designed to be "all glass", to some extent advanced than the Russian fighter. In terms of avionics system, this type of fighter is equipped with 1473H type pulsed Doppler fire control radar, which can carry various photoelectric pod. The aircraft can also carry a variety of Russian and Chinese made radar and infrared guided air to air missiles and a large number of precision guided weapons, which use the AL-31FN turbofan engine produced by the Russian "gun" company with a thrust of 28000 pounds (about 12.7 tons).

Reported that the more advanced -10B has made a lot of improvements, the first flight in December 2008, the official service in 2014. The most obvious improvement of the machine is the use of the "DSI", which should help to reduce the radar reflection section of the aircraft while reducing the weight and complexity, but at the expense of a slight decline in high speed performance. The fighter -10B combines the infrared search and tracking system with the added laser rangefinder and the homemade passive phased array fire control radar, which is said to be able to combat 4 targets at the same time. It also uses higher performance electronic warfare and ECM suite.

According to the report, the latest model of the -10 is -10C, the first flight in December 2013 and delivered at the end of 2016. It is believed that the new version of the aircraft was in service in July 2017. The new fighter -10C uses the domestic active phased array fire control radar, and the fuselage has more composite materials. However, the aircraft may be further improved to equip the WS-10 "Taihang" turbofan engine with a vectoring thrust nozzle.

According to the report, in short, the fighter -10 is reasonable in design, moderate in price and excellent in performance. More importantly, it is a domestic fighter. As a result, the Chinese have gained valuable experience in developing fighter planes and have been applied to the fighter -20 stealth fighters and other subsequent fighters. In addition, j--10 is a mass production aircraft that can meet the large demand of the Chinese air force. Therefore, this aircraft is a useful supplement to the PLA Air Force fighter fleet.

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