On the opening day of the world cup, the official fans' area was "surrounded by a bomb".

On the opening day of the world cup, the official fans' area was

Original title: World Cup opening day, fear of terror, the official fan area was "surrounded by"

The opening day of the world cup, the Luz Niki stadium has attracted much attention, the whole course of security work is very strict, the self timer, rechargeable treasure and so on can not be carried into the inside, for the team, the safety of the fans. It is exactly the location of the FAN FEST, the official football fan area of FIFA, on the sparrow hill across the river from Nicky stadium.

At 3 p.m. local time, FAN FEST officially opened its doors and tens of thousands of fans from all over the world poured in, singing and dancing. They would not have thought that, at a distance of less than 2 kilometers away from FAN FEST, an alarm was also heard, and a bomb was suspected.

One of the suspected bombs is located at Moscow State University Hotel, which is called the expert building of Moscow State University. At about 4:30 p.m. local time, that is, at 9:30 p.m. Beijing, the hotel suddenly sounded a piercing alarm, the guests peed out of the hotel and heard the "FIRE AlARM, FIRE ALARM" (fire, fire alarm) in Russian and English in the corridor.

Then, the waiter hurried up and knocked on one door after another, leaving everyone in a very urgent tone. At the beginning, some people thought that it was a fire drill, nor did they pay much attention to it. The attendant said that there was a fire alarm. Everyone had to leave the hotel, and they were not allowed to use the elevator. They could only go downstairs through the stairs.

When everyone went downstairs, the police immediately pulled up the cordon and everyone was invited to the cordon. The guests who were invited out by the waitress were not allowed to enter the room again. Some of them wore short sleeves, slippers, shorts and so on. They trembled in the cold wind of Moscow.

In addition to the first police car that first arrived, there were three other police cars coming. Each police car was seated with several policemen and three police dogs. After arriving at the hotel, the three police dogs immediately began their work and began to check in the hotel.

Why do police and police dogs need to be used in fire? The reporter asked the staff to speak a little English with a question. The other party said there was no fire in the hotel. It might be a bomb. Before the police found out the result, it was not very definite, and it was necessary to wait for the police's conclusion. Please stay away from the building temporarily and wait outside the warning line.

With a nervous mood, the reporter waited for more than an hour before he saw the police walking out of the building with a police dog, shaking his head as if there were no suspicious items. 10 minutes later, all the occupants were alerting to the lifting of the guard so that everyone could go back to the room.

Not only did the bomb appear in the Moscow State University Hotel, but the other hotel, separated from the one street of the hotel, was at the same time receiving a bomb - like threat. In addition, about 2 kilometers away, the other side of FAN FEST, located in a large shopping mall, customers suddenly heard the sound of alarm, including customers, staff and so on in a few minutes to be evacuated to the outside.

On the map, in addition to the natural barrier of the Moscow River, the bomb alarms appeared at several points within the range of 2 kilometers around the FAN FEST, or the need to pay more attention to the problem of security.

Cover news correspondent Yan Wen Wen from Moscow

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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