Trump's 3200 twitter analysis: still obsessed with the art of doing business.

Trump's 3200 twitter analysis: still obsessed with the art of doing business.

Original title: Xiao Lisheng and Yuan Ye: analysis of 3200 Twitter: read Trump's political wrist

Compared with the past statesmen, American president Trump has been trying to make it difficult for politicians to deal with his indeterminate style since he took office.

Trump is the "lunatic" of the "condemnation" of the media, or has always followed his unique way of life. We are trying to find out from its autobiography and twitter.

In 1987, Trump published an autobiography, "The Art of The Deal", in which he was proud to show the art of his own business. This behavior can be said that there is not much change now, just from Mr. Trump becomes President Trump. We tried to analyze Trump's most important propaganda tool twitter, trying to understand Trump's long-standing behavior pattern.

We selected 3200 tweets sent in 467 days from February 11, 2017 to May 24, 2018 as an object and analyzed it in a week. The conclusion largely confirms the fact that Trump himself is still obsessed with the art of doing business known to the public more than 30 years ago.

The art of this kind of affairs is basically divided into four stages in the face of the problems that need to be solved: first, put forward an amazing goal; two, the hype; three, the decision is swinging again and again; four, get the visual result. This is consistent with the characteristics of Trump's tweets.

1.Think Big & Fight Back

Dare to think, this is an important trait of Trump. Sometimes his conditions and ideas are very bold, and the outside world tends to be crazy, but he is complacent. "I think it's like a controlled psychosis. I've seen the quality of a lot of successful entrepreneurs (I think of it almost as a controlled neurosis)." Now, the whole world has seen this quality from Trump.

He asked China to reduce its trade deficit of $200 billion, requiring NATO countries to double their military costs, threaten to raise 10 times the car tariff, impose punitive tariffs on dozens of countries, and invest trillions of dollars in infrastructure, and so on. All these have left a deep impression on the outside world, and the parties are often faced with great enemies.

That's exactly what Trump used to do. "I dare to think. I always do that. Most people don't dare to think about it, they just do a little bit of calculation. Because most people are afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, and afraid of victory. This gives I like thinking big a great advantage for me. I always have.Most people think small, because most people are afraid afraid, most, small. And that gives people like me a great advantage. "

Many times Trump used his "fight back" as a justification for his behavior. "If someone is unfair to me or wants to take advantage of me, my attitude is to fight against them." under this strategy, Trump is a victim of Trump. The means of restoring teeth also stimulated the trait of "dares to think", which made him have no scruples.

Fairness and injustice appeared 43 times in the tweets, and increased sharply after the start of the Sino US trade war. If Trump feels that the United States is so unfairly treated, then 200 billion dollars seems to be expected.

2.Get the Word Out & Enhance Your Location

President Trump attached great importance to the importance of publicity and public opinion work and had been immersed in it for a long time. You can have the most wonderful product in the world (most wonderful product in the world, but if). Even if the location of the land was not the best (at that time he was just a real estate agent), the publicity could make it better (you can enhance a location, through promotion and through Psychology).

Many politicians know that it is very important to publicize their policies, but Trump's propaganda is very different. Usually politicians spend a lot of money on propaganda, because they have to rent a field, entertain journalists, prepare banquets, buy ads, hire a team, and so on. But Trump sniffed at it. He decided to publicize himself. "You can hire a PR team to advertise and pay them to sell what you want to sell. But for me, it's like hiring a bunch of laymen to study the market. I am It s never as good as doing it yourself.

With the development of the times, Trump chose to play call for himself by twitter (Twitter). He was satisfied with tweet's efficient and low-cost self media tool. He once said, "I love twitter, Twitter is like own newspaper, and it doesn't lose money (I love Twitter.). It "s like owning your own newspaper--- without the losses". "If there is no social media, I doubt if I can sit here (I doubt I would be here if weren").

Twitter has won too much attention for Trump. Trump is the most concerned person on twitter, almost 52 million. According to Gallup's poll, about 1 million 300 thousand Americans are Trump's loyal followers - they read all the twitter messages sent by Trump every day and often forward them. The proliferation effect is astonishing - about 76% of adult Americans often see Trump's Twitter news, which is far more than the electoral turnout.

He tirelessly propagandize himself on twitter, and sent out 3200 tweets in an average of 7 per day within 15 months of our statistics. Whether people support or oppose, Trump's slogan and achievements are already known to women and children.

There are two kinds of high-frequency words in Trump's tweets, one is everyday words, such as "let the United States be great again".

Basically, the frequency of such words is relatively average, but there are many times. Some unusual peaks represent national day, Christmas, and major policies, and Trump uses his own words to publicize the great American ideal again, and can not forget to attack Obama and Hilary's incompetence. Great has appeared 704 times in its twitter, 579 times in the United States. This shows Trump's policy keynote, and the greatness of the United States is the core of Trump's policy. Obama and Hilary are also frequent guests of President twitter, 96 and 76 times each.

Another high frequency word is driven by events, and the time is obviously concentrated.

With the change of Trump policy, the emphasis of twitter articles has changed. The change in the frequency of key words in twitter articles reflects the shift in the focus of Trump's administration. In the first half of 2017, the frequency of Obamacare was unusual, indicating that Trump focused on health care reform. In the second half of the year, the frequency of the use of Tax increased dramatically, indicating that Trump had shifted from health care reform to tax reform. Since March 2018, Job, Trade, China, and Fair began to become the most popular words in Trump twitter, indicating that trade frictions have become the center of Trump's attention.

The change of such words is sometimes more sensitive than news. When Trump suddenly expressed high frequency on certain themes, Trump began to take this as the focus of his administration. Specific publicity is secondary, but as long as publicity is still in progress, things are still in progress. If things do not stop one day, publicity will not stop one day. This means that when propaganda stops, things will be temporarily suspended.

Taking the Sino US trade war as an example, from the end of March, the frequency of Trade and other trade war themes has been growing in a blowout style, indicating that Trump shifted most of its energy to trade issues. By the end of April, however, the frequency of the vocabulary dropped rapidly, indicating that the importance of Sino US trade war has temporarily declined for Trump. But the frequency of the word is still higher than before the trade war, which implies that Trump has not completely put aside this topic. It is still possible to trade again after the resolution of the DPRK problem.

And Trump understands that not only praise is propaganda, but criticism is also a kind of even a (which may be hurtful personally, can be very). Attention is value. So Trump was not afraid to cause controversy and criticism.

The most typical example is Trump's long-standing attack on the news media. Trump has created a word to counter the "Fake News", a mainstream media he thinks is biased. The word appeared 264 times in 467 days, with some scattered criticism of the media, which means Trump was fighting against the news media almost every day. This makes all the big news media that are angered to spare no effort to criticize Trump, but also have to prove their authenticity repeatedly.

And every criticism of Trump is propaganda to Trump. Moreover, such criticism, as Trump had expected, would bring more benefits to him. In fact, among the people who accept Trump twitter information, Democratic supporters are in the majority. About 64% of Democrats often see Trump's Twitter messages, while Republicans have only 49% of them. Once they are provoked by Trump's remarks, heated debates will attract more attention, which may be exactly what they want.

Trump is fighting against the whole media sector alone, and more importantly, he is not at all depressed. In March this year, the Monmouth poll showed that only 48% of those who trusted CNN were superior to those who trusted Trump, while 77% believed that the media was making fake news.

There is no doubt that Trump has done "Get the Word Out" and has successfully achieved the effect of "Enhance Your Location".

3.Maximize Your Options & Use Your Leverage

It is Trump's passion to make repeated decisions. He thinks that when an opponent is stunned by "Think Big", the most taboo is to make a deal (The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal). At this time, there should be room for further publicity and pressure on the other party. "At first, I'll try to stop the ball in the middle of the air (For starters, I keep a lot of balls in the air)," Trump called it "flexible (being)."

Recently, the North Korean issue has made the parties fully aware of the flexibility of Trump's measures.

At the beginning of this year, Trump still spared no effort to attack Kim Jeong-eun on twitter.

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