India's defense chief visits Vietnam to cooperate in manufacturing arms exporting countries

India's defense chief visits Vietnam to cooperate in manufacturing arms exporting countries

According to the Vietnamese media in June 14th, India defense minister F Tara Man said in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, that India's defense cooperation with Vietnam not only includes military equipment trading and national defense technology transfer, but India also hopes to set up a factory to make national defense equipment in Vietnam, and to export to a third country.

According to reports, F Tara Man visited Vietnam, the Vietnamese Ministry of defense and the Embassy of India in Vietnam (13) held the fourth Vietnam and India national defense industry meeting in Hanoi yesterday (13), and F Tara Man spoke at the meeting.

F Tara Man said that in the future, more India companies are expected to set up representative offices in Vietnam, especially the national defense industry; and India hopes that Vietnam will be an attractive destination for India's defense groups.

Hu Guangjun, deputy director of the Ministry of industry of Vietnam's Ministry of industry, said that defense cooperation is an important pillar of the strategic partnership between Vietnam and India. Since the implementation of the "East Policy" policy, India has increasingly consolidated relations between the two countries, especially in the field of national defense, including military equipment trading, intelligence data sharing, naval training and other cooperation, and India warships have visited Vietnam many times.

Hu Guangjun suggested that the two sides should further strengthen national defense technology transfer, defense procurement and human resources training.

He arrived in Hanoi 12 days ago and visited Kampuchea before. Vietnam is the second leg of her trip.

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