Professor Cai Yingwen warned Taiwan: the United States is the biggest warning of Taiwan authorities.

Professor Cai Yingwen warned Taiwan: the United States is the biggest warning of Taiwan authorities.

[World Wide Web Roundup] the DPRK US leaders' meeting was successfully concluded in Singapore, and the two sides reached a number of common understanding. Qiu Kunxuan, an honorary professor of the East Asian Institute of Taiwan Political University, said 13, after the "special gold conference", the Taiwan media had two reports, referring to the so-called "Guoan" from the Taiwan authorities. After the United States solved the Northeast Asia problem, its influence in Northeast Asia increased and the security of Taiwan could be increased. In this regard, he put forward a different view of his own: North Korea, in addition to its relations with the Chinese mainland, is now expanding its relations with the United States, while Taiwan only puts the relationship in the United States, completely losing the Chinese mainland relations, "this is the biggest warning to the Taiwan authorities."

According to the Hongkong China Review Agency 14 reported, Qiu Kunxuan was on the 13 day of a "special gold conference after the Korean Peninsula and the Northeast Asia situation" in the Symposium on the above views. He believes that the foreign policy of the mainland is that "a big country is the key and the periphery is the first one," and that the great powers often refer to the United States, so the United States becomes the middle of the world; the Chinese mainland disputes over the US relations in the surrounding areas of the mainland of China, from the Korean Peninsula, the East China Sea, the Taiwan to the South Sea. The conflict of customs.

Qiu Kunxuan said that the influence behind the Chinese mainland is actually seen from the most symbolic pictures. When Kim Jeong-eun came down from the plane, it was a five star flag on the plane, and the greatest strength behind it was there, and a picture was done.

Therefore, Qiu Kunxuan said that Kim Jeong-eun, who was once conflicting with the United States on the Korean Peninsula, could be friendly with the United States on the eve of national development and economic development. In addition to the mainland of China, DPRK is now expanding its network relations with the United States. It is absolutely beneficial to the DPRK, but now Taiwan only The relationship is in the United States, but the loss of relations in mainland China is the biggest warning.

At the regular press conference held in June 13th, a media reporter asked for the convening of the "special gold conference". "The U. S. Korea summit will reach a consensus. The DPRK's commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is equal to dismantling the fuze of the Korean nuclear crisis." But at the same time, the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits continues to be tense, and the mainland will not worry about the question of the Taiwan Strait as the next detonating point in Asia. Is there any way to avoid the worst situation, that is, the situation of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits?

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the National Taiwan Affairs Office, responded that I listened to your questions and I was curious about the logic of connecting the two things in your question. If you are referring to the so-called "Guoan" and the green camp scholars in the recent Taiwan media reports, the United States will further step in the Taiwan Strait and support the DPP authorities after the stability of the Korean Peninsula. Then I can tell them that this is wishful thinking "God logic", a major misjudgement of the international situation, and a deliberate misleading to the people of Taiwan.

Ma Xiaoguang said, as we all know, the "Taiwan independence" force is the greatest threat to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, and the greatest harm to the interests of Taiwan compatriots and the overall interests of the Chinese nation. We have strong will, full confidence and sufficient capacity to defeat any form of "Taiwan independence" split plot, defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and never allow the historical tragedy of the country to split, and no one underestimates our determination and strength.

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