Another P2P platform "exploding thunder" high rebate is POND'S fraud?

Another P2P platform

Original title: another P2P platform "explosive thunder", the annual yield of 12%, the high rebate mode is POND'S fraud?

According to media reports, after Qian Bao net, Ya Tang finance, Tang Xiaoseng "fall down" after the "fall", called one of the four high rebate P2P platform, one of the Chinese public security department on June 21st, the new Beijing News reporter also confirmed the news from a variety of channels.

Beginning in the evening of June 20th, investors gradually reflected that the financial platform of the Internet could not be opened up and the official website could not be opened. On the morning of 21, bir financial "informing" investors said that, affected by the Internet financial environment, there has been a recent concentration of cash phenomenon, there is also a malicious run, the Bi will give specific measures and time arrangements at 3 p.m.

At 3 p.m., it did not give "specific measures and timing" as scheduled. Beijing News reporter through its App contact customer service, the other side said that the Songjiang District government, financial office, the Development Zone Management Committee and fixun discussed related payment issues, the current data are being verified, investors are asked to wait. At that time, the financial website of libbi has returned to normal, but App is extremely unstable and almost impossible to do anything.

In the evening of 21, FIXO issued a bulletin on the event of the company, which promised to sell the K code of the hardware products by FIXO to coordinate the third parties to cash, and will transfer through technical means to other strategic partner platforms. The specific operation process will be released within 7 working days.

New Beijing News reporter Gu Zhijuan Hou Runfang

"0 yuan purchase" behind the tricky: high return to attract investment

Fei Xun appeared in the discussion of participants in the BBI payment issue because it was closely linked to Fei Xin.

In the financial group discussion group, most investors said that the first investment in Lian Bi finance was due to the purchase of phi news router. Specifically, Fei's "0 yuan purchase" mode has attracted many investors. When consumers buy a router, they can get a K code. After downloading the App K, the cost of purchasing the router will be returned in installments on App. Take the K2 router for example, the cash amount is 399 yuan, and the 1 period (30 days) can be returned.

The "0 yuan purchase" mode has made Fiji news a big sales volume for Jingdong routers, and has also brought a large number of users into the financial industry.

An investor who invested more than 1 million of the financial investment in bir told the Beijing News reporter that after buying the routers' routers, he downloaded the App of the bir finance, and later saw that the financial products of the bank had a high rate of income and put some money into it. "At the beginning, it was very good, and cash was fast. So the more we invest, the faster we have been doing it for nearly 2 years." He has accumulated more than 60 thousand yuan in the finance of Lian Bi. But because the investment is regular, it is not available now.

Lian Bi finance itself is using similar marketing methods. In App, there is a similar "0 yuan shopping" area. Users can invest in a certain amount of financial products and get the corresponding products. Investment in general financial products is about 10 times that of commodity prices. The K2 router, which is also 399 yuan, needs to invest 4000 yuan in financial products at Lian Bi finance.

The financial products on the financial App are divided into two types of current and regular. The annual return rate of the "zero money plan" is 6.9%. The annual rate of income of the periodic product in March is 10% and the June period is 12%, which is higher than the common profit rate of the market. But there is no detailed introduction to the investment of the product.

On the web site of P2P financial portal, the investors' comments on the combination of bir finance are: "the way of profit is unknown, the creditor's right disclosure is not clear, the actual underlying assets can not be understood, there is a large pool of funds suspected, it is doubtful for the FIXO company to blood transfusion, and the platform itself is less investors, buying more wool party with 0 yuan."

The company has a cross shareholding company as the borrower.

In fact, the relationship between the two sides is not only a product level, but also has a "ambiguous" relationship.

According to public information, it was founded in 2014 and is affiliated to Shanghai Lian Bi Electronic Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Lian Bi"). The Beijing News reporter inquired about the treasure letter website, found that Shanghai Lian Bi legal person was Nong Jin, in January 6, 2015, three new shareholders were Han Ling, Jin Wei and Chen Haidong. Jin Wei is the legal person of 3 companies held by FIXO company, including Shanghai Bonet Electronics Co., Shanghai Ying Bi Investment Co., Ltd. (already written off), Shanghai Tong Mu Investment Co., Ltd., and Chen Haidong and Han Ling in these three companies to varying degrees.

In May 24, 2017, Jin Wei, Jin Wei, Chen Haidong, and Han Ling were withdrawn from the three shareholders of natural people, and the new Shanghai Bai Xue Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Shanghai pine cliff Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Shanghai color fir Mdt InfoTech Ltd and Ningbo Meishan bonded port were incorporated into the equity investment partnership. A shareholder of a legal person.

It is worth noting that the current financial financial products do not show the borrower, but there is a screenshot of investors who appear to be suspected of financial financial products. The borrower, the borrower, frequently appears in Shanghai, the Cci Capital Ltd, and two of the three shareholders have a direct connection with FIXO.

Shanghai Xun Heng Cci Capital Ltd had three shareholders of natural persons: Wu Xuefeng, Zhang Jing and Xu Jinxian (Xu Jin Xian quit in December 2017). Wu Xuefeng and Xu Jinxian are directly related to Fei Xun. Wu Xuefeng is the supervisor of the Shanghai decayed Electronics Co., Ltd., fixun has shares; Wu Xuefeng is the supervisor of the Peng Ying financing lease (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., fixun through Shanghai Tong Mu Investment Co., Ltd. shares. Former shareholder Xu Jinxian, originally a director of Fei Xun, withdrew from the company in November 2017.

An investor told the Beijing News reporter that he knew that there was a relationship between Lian Bi and Fei Xun, but he believed he had kept investing because he believed in Fei Xun.

100 yuan to get 30 yuan cash reward Tang Xiaoseng checked

In the near future, the net loan platform is dense. Tang Xiaoseng, with a turnover of 80 billion and a registered user of 10 million, is the most attracting concern. In June 16th, Tang Xiaoseng's parent company was seized by the police.

Tang Xiaoseng adopted a high return mode to attract investors. Some investors said that in Tang Xiao, investing 100 yuan in cash management products, you can get 30 yuan in cash reward. Some experts believe that this high interest rebate mode may be suspected of Ponzi scheme.

Tang Xiaoseng is the network loan information intermediary service platform created by the capital bond Service Network Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is operated by the capital bond company capital state Yuan Da (Shanghai) Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.  

Public information shows that the capital state Yuan Da (Shanghai) Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2014, the registered capital is 260 million yuan, and the legal person is Tao Lei. The shareholders of capital state yuan are the capital bond network technology Group Co., Ltd. (99%), and the Cci Capital Ltd (1%) of the capital state (Shanghai).

Many people are not strangers to Tang Xiaoseng, such as "Langya list 2" and so on. And shortly before Tang Xiaoseng's thunder, in June 7th, Tang Xiaoseng played the call for the robot in WeChat public. It is reported that the super network, sponsored by Tang Xiaoseng's chief special contract, is a story - style reality show, launched by Iqiyi in China, the main line of the robot fighting global league, with Angelababy, Li Chen, Lin update, and Sein as head of the star and Zhao Lixin as the host.

High risk of return or suspected POND'S fraud

In June 20th, the announcement of the suspension of business of the Shanghai net loan platform stewardship gold suit said that the company was temporarily detained for criminal offences, resulting in difficulties in business operation. It is worth noting that the housekeeper's gold clothing is also a high profit rebate mode. Recently, it has also advertised the major rebate platforms.

Xue Hongyan, director of the Internet financial center of the Suning Institute of finance, told the new Beijing News reporter that high returns to the platform have significant effect on the expansion of the platform and business transactions, but the long-term use of the problem is easy. If the platform is to maintain a high return state, it is necessary to solve the problem of the source of rebate funds. Most of the high return platforms, because "wool is too thick", do not have sustainability at the business level, and need to continue to burn money, and their own funds are not sufficient to support them.

"After burning his money, then burning the money of venture capital, after that, many platforms put up the idea of investors' funds, and set up a POND'S fraud. Once you are on the road of POND'S fraud, it will be sooner or later. Xue Hongyan said.

In addition, because of various reasons, the net loan platform for thunder is also increasing. Net loan home data show that according to incomplete statistics, since June, the net loan industry has added 13 new platforms.

In June 19th, Shenzhen Internet loan App platform five-star wealth announced liquidation. On the 20 day, Shenzhen Internet loan platform I fortune issued a notice of difficulty in raising cash. Others include small gold bags, Fu Xuan investments and 365 savings families, most of which are difficulties in cash withdrawals.

Xue Hongyan said that in the context of the de leveraging of the real economy, the overall market liquidity was tightened and the debt invested goods were under more or less pressure, which led to the recent rebound in the number of network loans and the increase in the bond market default rate.

How to choose P2P platform and choose licensees and giants as far as possible

There are frequent thunderstorms in net lending, many of which are listed on the platform of the Department of public relations and state owned assets. At present, how should investors avoid risks for the high risk period of net loan risk?

Ji Shao Feng, chairman of the China Research Association for the development of small and micro credit industry, told the Beijing News reporter that the rate of return is obviously higher than the market average. It may be a problem, but it does not mean that the low interest rate is safe.

Ji Shao Feng said, for investors, the choice of platform needs to consider the company's management ability and shareholder background. Relatively speaking, the platform with genuine national capital background or stronger platform will be less risky. "But we must not look at the surface. We should not trust the platform's own propaganda. We must check business information and what is the real shareholder background."

Ji Shao Feng believes that in the long run, it is not recommended that investors invest too much in net loan platforms.

Xue Hongyan reminded that, after the introduction of the new management regulations, whether it is the financial products of the traditional financial institutions or the net loan investment products, it is emphasized to break the rigid cash payment, and the substantial risk of investment and financial management is a big trend.

Xue Hongyan suggested that investors should conform to the trend of the industry and reduce the allocation ratio of debt investment products, and appropriately increase the allocation of Monetary Fund. In the choice of debt financing products, we should also reduce the expectation of yield, return to the low risk financial products issued by the licensed institutions, and return to the licensee and the giant enterprises on the platform choice.

One line two sessions Yi Gang, Guo Shuqing declared financial products over 10% yield to prepare for the loss of principal.

To be sure, the thunderstorm platform will also appear. In the endless stream of financial products, how can investors invest safely? This year, the high level has repeatedly shouted investors to strengthen the wind.

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