Beijing News: how Yang Chaoyue and Wang Ju are pushed to the two extremes of Popular Aesthetics

Beijing News: how Yang Chaoyue and Wang Ju are pushed to the two extremes of Popular Aesthetics

Original title: popular female group variety "creation 101" ending, the Beijing News interview the most topic of the two players, secret competition before and after the mentality change

How can Yang Chaoyue and Wang Ju be pushed to the two extremes of Popular Aesthetics?

In the evening of June 23rd, the final of "creation 101" ended, and 11 women's groups were set up. The two biggest topics in the program, Yang Chaoyue and Wang Ju, went to different roads. A few months of the competition, their lives are highly concerned, they are the makers of the topic, and are also the focus of the topic, so as to get the chance to change the fate.

The program compressed the experience of their time, like a ball game broadcast in the form of a collection, those who were magnified, occupied another part of the real existence, and the distinctive label in the public opinion field was the two extremes of pushing Yang and Wang chrysanthemum to the mass aesthetic. They have just divorced from the stereotype of reality, and then fall into another kind of illusory imprisonment.

From the vegetarian to the idol, the ups and downs of the mentality, the vicissitudes of the fortune, the far and near luck of the luck, the factors that can affect their future begin to become meticulous and pluralistic, and whether they are ready, we are not yet known.

Yang Chaoyue, did I make any big mistakes in this program?

Yang Chaoyue won the third place in the final as a member of the women's group rocket girl 101, and the result is not surprising. At the time of the final announcement, Yang Chaoyue's expression was relatively calm, as if a long rally finally ended, and there was a gap between the coming new life and a breath of breath. Yang transcends the superstrong topic and the sense of controversy, the face of the lens, the talent of the stage, the life experience of the bottom of the society, and the high time of the exploding program. She has a variety of contradictions that push her from the program to the center of a variety of topics, like her own name, and she is not fully aware of it. It goes beyond some boundaries, or even fate.

Tired, this is the most intuitive feeling to interview Yang when she surpasses. In the broadcast program, Yang Chaoyue was criticized as being lazy because she was unable to sleep and was in tears, and tears became a label for her. But other players privately said that Yang Chaoyue was not the most crying player. When she was sitting in the interview area, the state of being unable to sleep was still going on. "My eyes are a bit uncomfortable," she volunteered before the interview. In reality, Yang Chaoyue is even smaller than the camera, and there is not much room for cover up. After the interview, she left two pieces of nail size and cicada colored round on her seat. The female reporter told me that it was the beautiful pupil that she picked.

Yang surpassing the topic line

April 21st

The performance of dance performances, "I am the hope of the whole village" on the hot search.

April 28th

When the theme song is rehearsed, the audience will be disgusted by "crying only" and poor performance.

May 13th

Because of the first ranking of the audience, the ranking has risen to third, and at the same time questioned the expansion of the voice that does not match the strength.

May 26th

The second public performance, once again showed poor strength, questioned the public opinion fermentation.

June 2nd

The rankings rose to second place, and in the program responded, "whatever you suspect" caused the whole network to ridicule.

June 9th

Serious silence on fans singing songs, netizens ridicule upgrade

June 16th

The final phase of the final dropped to seventh place.

June 23rd

The final dance was questioned "rowing", responding to "I can't remember one dance at three times", and the finals were third.

The competition is just a little more attention.

Before the competition, Yang Chaoyue was only a beautiful girl in the city of Dafeng County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu province. He dropped out of school in the first two years, worked as a living, and took more than 2000 savings to go to Shanghai, trying to rewrite his own fate. Home and she never expected that after a few years, Yang Chaoyue's slightly boyish name would become the focus of the whole nation.

Before she came into contact with the women's group, Yang Chaoyue said, her only business in contact with the entertainment industry was a model - she was in Shanghai with her friends to rent a house, met a liar, and was tempted. Her own P photos, model cards made for Taobao merchants, in order to accumulate experience, a lot of photography is free, she also part-time in the coffee shop, together with three thousand or four thousand yuan per month income, but not stable. Later, she was in the model ritual group to see the women's group recruitment notices, package to eat bags, two thousand yuan bonus, they signed up, although not the first ten, but relying on one person gas award, she became a member of the CH2 women's group.

In the CH2 year of the group, Yang Chaoyue is a favorite color of the group, not to face too much competition, she has always been in a state of understanding of the nature of the women's group, "even some fans' vocabulary, I do not know." Her regiment is too common. "We are a group formed for the sake of organization and have little competitiveness." Yang Chaoyue honestly said that her original idea of creating 101 was to gain more attention through a variety show.

The game has never been found to be so bad

Cruelty came a little faster, and the creation of "101" brought her a professional recognition. When her training and performance were recorded by the lens, she had to face up to her strength, "it was a big blow and never found herself so bad." The strength of the gap in the first phase shows out, Yang surpassed the memory, "everyone in a classroom, the teacher to teach them all, a theme song, the two time basically know the tune, I think, this person, God ah!" Yang Yue is not a well-trained trainee, and his expression is often logically confused.

Every time he sang, Yang surpassed the pressure. "I don't usually love singing or listening to songs. I'm afraid to sing a song. I can never hear the accompaniment when I listen to it." She wants to prove herself, even in areas where she is totally not good at what she can do. There will always be some progress, even if the pace is not following, but it is right.

Yang surpassed Fan Bingbing in Wu Zetian and had a strong air. She said that she was a little cowardly. "There is not so much strength, there is not so much gas, and she will envy the strong woman."

I'll leave it for another round, and leave it again!

All of Yang Chaoyue's discord is also accepted by the entertainment industry, and even brightens the already patterned star making mechanism. So, Yang surpassed the fire. As the fans pursued it, the label of selling miserably, crying and incapable was attached to her, and the outside question activated the tough side of her character. "I want to stay another round again." The decision of the style of gambling is still the tone of Yang's transcendence, both for the fans and for herself. "I don't have to think about what I made before, and now it's not, even if it's really annoying, you must stick to it."

Fame is increasing online, and in reality it can be touched. These are changing Yang's transcendence. She said that the biggest change after her participation in the program was to put aside her willfulness. "Some of the words that used to be straight forward should be passed in mind first." Those critical voices, she did not take the initiative to see, but also know. But both criticism and praise prove that she is needed, the contradiction in her body is becoming a necessities of a story. "I really is an ordinary ordinary person, suddenly into the world of adults, (everyone) would think such a person really fit in this circle? Can she really exist in the program? It will be a little incompatible. "

The finals believe that they are unique

With the progress of the program, the strength and popularity of the players are changing, the super popularity makes Yang Chaoyue far away from the fate of being eliminated, but the strength gap makes her be laughed at once and again. The trick on the upwind turntable has never been performed on her, and even later, the more serious her "scene of the car accident" is, the more she has found her own stage color, and the funny way to ease embarrassment, of course, this is a part of her true self. Yang Chaoyue didn't defend her stage ability. She just asked, "did I make any big mistakes in this program?"

On the other hand, Yang's transcendent "incompatibility" is a scarce commodity in the entertainment industry. In the interview, Yang Chaoyue will emphasize her self-confidence. She says she is not inferior to others. At least she is unique. She believes she will be remembered by others. "Originally, the strength is not good, there is no particular advantage, if the minimum self-confidence is not, then the whole person will be bleak." Her born audience is still able to afford to spend, and everything is like proving her own definition of idols.

The program needs drama conflicts, fans need idol success. What does Yang need? Those efforts to be cut by the program may be part of it.

Wang Ju's killing me will make me more powerful

Wang Ju's luck is no worse than Yang. She and Yang Chaoyue became the focus of public opinion in two distinct ways and spread rapidly on social platforms. Wang Ju, who has always been judged by netizens as "earth, black and strong", shows the determination and courage to challenge the traditional aesthetic system and absolute confidence in the program. Overnight, Wang Ju took the "new era of the dare to express women representatives" label on the hot search list of all social media, and the "chrysanthemum quotes" also jumped out the fan circle to the mass level with the fastest speed.

But Wang Ju's luck cycle was relatively short, and before the most critical final, the number of her points slipped to the second lineup, and those "Tao Yuan Ming", which encouraged the votes to vote, did not fly her dream again. Wang Ju once said that her idols were Hsu Chi and Jimmy Lin, and they had a common point in Wang Ju's eyes: they were all disputed, but as time went on, it was more and more affirmative. At the same time, Wang Ju believed in the saying, "killing you doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger."

Wang Ju topic line

April 28th

Wang Ju, as a kicking athlete, appeared in "creation 101".

May 5th

In the first public performance of the Yamy team, the performance of "Chinese language" was criticized by netizens.

May 13th

Wang Ju, who has been eliminated, was left on stage as an auditor, causing widespread doubt.

May 19th

And Ma Dong discussed the value and strength of the topic, due to appropriate conversation triggered netizens goodwill, public opinion began to turn.

May 26th

The second performance was praised, and the golden sentence in my interview was "my life is in my own hands" and so on.

May 27th

Social media began to screen Wang Ju's report, the label is "dare to be yourself", followed by a large number of fans voting for Wang Ju.

June 13th

One brand is for athletes to pack subway activities for image promotion.

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