Witness the victory of France in the bleachers on the grandstand.

Witness the victory of France in the bleachers on the grandstand.

Overseas network 10 July local time 10, 2018 World Cup semi-finals in St Petersburg ushered in the first focus war. In the end, France beat Belgium in 1:0, and then entered the World Cup finals 12 years later. French President Ma long long, who witnessed the victory of the motherland team, has also had a lot of body language in the stands. On the other side, the king and queen of Belgium looked somewhat lonely.

According to today's Russian and Russian satellite network, in the semi-final in St Petersburg, the French President Ma nicolon, as well as the Belgian King Philip and queen Mathilde, went to the scene to support the team. In the second half, the French player Umm Titi headed the French team to help the French team. However, after the celebration, the French President turned around and shook hands with the king of Belgium.

It is reported that the French president is a fanatic fan. In this game, he was always anxious for the team to miss the chance, and after the team's lead and victory, he showed a brilliant smile and celebrated his fist from time to time. On the other side, the Belgian Royal family sitting in the same box was slightly lonely.

After the game, President Putin also called the two countries' political leaders separately. According to the Kremlin news service 11, Putin called the French President Ma klaon, congratulations to the French fans and all the French fans, the team they supported eventually won the final and got the qualification to enter the final. Putin also contacted the Belgian King Philip, who watched the match, praised Belgium for "doing well in the World Cup".

The 2018 World Cup is opened in June 14th and will continue until July 15th. The final will be held at the luuri Nicky stadium in Moscow, which will be the winner of the Croatia and England teams. (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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