Us air force lost hacker attack sensitive information by hacker attacks

Us air force lost hacker attack sensitive information by hacker attacks

Overseas network July 11, the latest research on Recorded Future, a U. S. network security company, shows a hacker invading the U. S. Air Force captain's computer and stealing sensitive information about the U. S. Army's highly lethal new UAVs.

According to the CNN (CNN), the stolen documents are not classified, but including a MQ-9A "Reaper" unmanned aircraft pilot list with some other information.

A researcher in the "record the future" said it was very sure the hacker came from South America, which said the hacker tried to sell the stolen "Reaper" UAVs data on the "dark site".

The company contacted the hacker via online messages, and discussed the sale. The hacker revealed that he had also stolen the military training handbook, tank operation handbook and tank platoon tactics, but he did not disclose the source of the documents.

The report says that although the stolen information is not confidential, if it falls into the hands of a "unfriendly person", the other is able to assess the technical ability and weaknesses of the Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle through the information. The report pointed out that the US law enforcement departments have already been involved in the investigation.

The Washington Post points out that this is the latest hacker attack on the US military and other public sectors. Not long ago, a Navy contractor in the United States was attacked by hackers and lost a lot of sensitive data about submarines and underwater weapons.

Lauren Haji, a spokesman for the US Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), wrote to CNN in an e-mail message that FBI did not confirm or deny the hacker attack. The US Air Force has not made any comment on the matter.

It is reported that MQ-9 "Reaper" UAV is a very destructive new type of UCAV, and can carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The US Air Force decided to put it into actual combat just after its battle test ended, and in March 2007 the "Reaper" unmanned aerial vehicle Attack Squadron, the forty-second Air Force squadron of crekey Air Force Base in Nevada, and a special "death" unmanned aerial vehicle group, began to study tactics and train crew. And practice practice. (overseas network Yao Kaihong)

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