Before the NATO summit, Trump bombed allies and media: he was smashing world order.

Before the NATO summit, Trump bombed allies and media: he was smashing world order.

Original title: before Trump summit, "bombardment" NATO allies, U.S. media: he is smashing world order.

"The Global Times correspondent of the Global Times special correspondent in Germany, green wood Global Times reporter heavy] Trump, President of the United States, will start a 7 day trip to Europe on the 10 day of the local time. However, he issued a number of tweet bombardment NATO allies for two days in a row on 9 and 10 days, reaffirming that the United States has the most spending on NATO's military expenditure and the EU's "unfair" trade with the United States. In view of Trump's recent fierce attitude, public opinion is worried that the NATO summit will be full of disputes.

Reuters said on the 10 day that Trump issued two tweets on the same day, saying he had prepared for the European Union and once again yelling to its European allies on the issue of military spending: "to protect them (European allies), the United States has spent the most money in NATO, which is unfair to American taxpayers." Moreover, the United States has lost $151 billion in trade with the European Union. NATO countries must pay more, and the United States must pay less. " The day before, Trump also repeated the same old tune, and he was angry with his European allies on this issue. He accused in twitter on 9 th, "the amount spent by the United States in NATO is much larger than that in other countries, which is unacceptable. Since taking office, these countries have been increasing their contributions, but they must pay more. Germany is 1% and the United States is 4%. NATO's benefits to Europe far exceed the benefits to the United States. The survey shows that the United States has paid 90% of NATO's spending, and many countries have not yet reached 2% of the promised. The EU has also set up huge trade barriers to American goods. That's no way! "

Trump's intense attitude towards allies aroused great concern. In an interview with German television, Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, responded in response to a German television interview on 10 days. "Only the political will of the two sides can maintain the friendship across the Atlantic." Tusk, President of the European Council, urged Trump to "cherish the Allies". The United States and France international radio station cited data that Trump said the proportion of NATO spending was too far off. Data show that in 2017, the United States undertook less than 72% of NATO's defense spending. The total military expenditure of the 29 members of the year was $957 billion, US $686 billion and two to four in Britain, France and Germany with $55 billion, $46 billion and $45 billion.

Bloomberg News 10 said Trump was breaking the world order and reshaping his interests in the United States. Germany's "South German newspaper" also said that Trump's Twitter seems to herald a new crisis. Many people worry that the NATO summit will be a "reversion" of the G7 Summit: Trump rejected a final statement at the NATO summit and then met with Russian President Putin.  

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