He was crazy about playing the female anchor, earning 500 thousand police officers and finding the secret behind him.

He was crazy about playing the female anchor, earning 500 thousand police officers and finding the secret behind him.

Original title: every day crazy to play a female anchor, he also earned 500 thousand? The police found the secret behind

The city express WeChat news, "Jiao Jiao" (the pseudonym) is a master of the fast hand, because the young beauty is good at selling sprout, her quick account number in a short year, the rapid accumulation of millions of fans, most of them are men.

One of the fans was very rich and easily brushed out the "crown, the ring, the heart of the ocean" and so on, and sent her a "big advertisement".

What she could never imagine was that this fan was caught by Zhejiang Qingyuan police, behind which a big case was hidden.

Seeing a favorite hostess is a reward

At the beginning of this year, the police of the Qingyuan public security bureau, when dealing with a family dispute caused by gambling, found a clue that some people used the Internet video platform to promote online gambling.

After further investigation, the police have mastered the structure of the criminal organization, gang leader, surnamed Wu and Fu Jian people.

Last March, he bought a network gambling platform named "Tai O 1998" from a network company in Guangzhou, mainly including fishing, landlords, cattle and other entertainment projects. The player takes 100 yuan to exchange 2 million points, and buys points in the background for gambling games. After winning the money, cash it in the same proportion. However, players do not know that the winning and losing probability of various games can be controlled in the background.

Wu also has a hobby, which is to brush fast video, see favorite female anchor, brush gifts to reward. He found that the more he brushes his gifts, the higher his ranking in fans.

He brainstorm, invent a "promotion means": change your head to the name of the gambling platform, and reward the anchor. In this way, his head often stands in the two place in the list.

Sure enough, the influence of net red anchor is quite large, and the number of people who come to gambling on the Internet gambling platform is increasing.

To this end, Wu specially established a quick hand to promote the team, the promotion of the task of every day is to pay attention to the popular network red host, crazy to them to brush gifts, after the host trust to add their private WeChat.

Then, three ways are used to promote advertising:

First, the price of each 0.1 yuan, let the anchor to WeChat personal friends (Group) to introduce the message advertising platform.

Two. Insert a few seconds of ad introduction in the hot short video of the anchor.

Three, advertise in WeChat's circle of friends.

The promotion personnel also have the work target: every day must reach agreement with the net red anchor which hits 10 hits above 100 thousand, otherwise will deduct the month bonus.

Buy two sets of real estate at one breath in the downtown area

In order to expand the operation, Wu also pulled in a family member who was financially strapped.

In April this year, sister-in-law and his husband brought a one year old baby from Fujian to Zhejiang to start their own business. Not only did all the previous tens of thousands of Yuan debts come back, there were also several hundred thousand yuan surplus.

According to the police investigation, the highest daily recharge of the gambling website reached 1000 passengers, with a daily profit of up to 500 thousand yuan. Only on the bank card of Wu, there were several million yuan in just a few months. "I remember a man who lost about 600000 on the platform in two months, and sold his wife off the house." Wu said.

Wu's wife was also afraid, had advised him, let him almost closed, but he only replied, "you don't mind."

In the second years when he started his business, Wu bought two sets of real estate in Fuzhou in a prosperous area.

In May 22nd, Qingyuan police went to Fujian and Qingyuan, destroying 4 network gambling dens and captured 17 suspects, with a total amount of more than 2000 million yuan. One of the dens, the police broke into the door, found more than 10 women inside, a mobile phone, busy hand brushes video, to the net red main points to brush gifts.

At present, the case has been listed as a provincial office supervision case by the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the case is being further explored.

Source: Urban Express

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