False advertising flooded the circle of friends from a large number of micro signals from where?

False advertising flooded the circle of friends from a large number of micro signals from where?

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Original title: false advertising flooding WeChat circle of friends, exposing behind the black ash industrial chain, integrity building

Honesty and trustworthiness are our traditional virtues. It is an important reason for the continuation of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, and it is also the cornerstone of the adhesive of modern society and the market economy. However, with the rapid transformation of China from farming society to industrial society in recent years, the tradition of honesty and credit is eroded by the worship of money, counterfeiting and selling fake, evading loans and lending loans, even finding acquaintances. Lack of good faith has become one of the prominent social problems that are in urgent need of governance, and it has also become a restrictive economic society. A major factor in development.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "people do not believe, do not know what it can"; enterprises do not believe, it is difficult to develop; the society is untrustworthy, the people are in danger; the government does not believe, the authority is not standing. The nineteen report pointed out that we should promote "integrity building and institutionalization of volunteer service, and strengthen social responsibility awareness, rule awareness and dedication consciousness". It can be said that the establishment of integrity consciousness among all members of society is the inevitable requirement of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values, and is also the common expectation of the whole society.

The central broadcasting and television station's CNPC's "integrity building of Wanli line" is the theme of the series of reports. Today, there are third:

WeChat friends circle behind the false advertising industry

How to effectively monitor the disputes arising from the ridicule of micro dealers?

The original agent "mask, essential oil, electronic cigarette, latex pillow, plastic underwear......" For all kinds of products, the sales of all kinds of products are good, and three months to join, you can enjoy "luxury cars, real estate, five million". This is people's ridicule to the micro business. The use of Internet space, the use of social software to sell products, has penetrated into many people's life.

Mr. Wang of Hefei, Anhui: "I bought two daily necessities, I feel pretty good. But once, I was cheated and I couldn't deliver the goods after that payment.

It's only one that can't be shipped. The authenticity of products sold by micro dealers is hard to distinguish. If disputes arise, how to effectively supervise them is a more difficult problem. Recently, the public security organs in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, cracked two cases of "beauty needles" in the production and sale of counterfeit drugs.

Zhenjiang City Public Security Bureau run state branch police officer Wang Fan: "this is the person in charge of this studio, they have been cosmetic, micro plastic, in the process of doing this micro plastic, found that they can buy, resale this kind of money through the Internet, and then from the Internet, especially botulinum toxin, containing (lidoca). Because of the hyaluronic acid, after the purchase of online friends circle this kind of advertising.

These micro businesses selling fake beauty products have horizontal and vertical sales networks. Wang Fan explained that horizontal trading is done through the WeChat group.

Wang Fan: "every criminal suspect we have captured has more than a dozen or more dozens of beauty exchange groups on hand. People all over the country are in the group to see what you have, and what they have. They call it a dump. This customer wants what goods, the seller does not have goods to send to the group, who has the goods to come out to receive the order, then mutually adds WeChat, the payment. This is related. After that, we need the same goods to find the seller.

The vertical sales network refers to the vertical establishment of agents between the seller and the seller, and the difference between them.

Zhenjiang Jingkou police station Ho Ming: "sub agency and two tier agents, three agents... For example, the first level agent is to talk to the customer first, then turn hand to the two level agent, send the customer's delivery and receiving place to the two level agent and collect the money, and then send the two agent to the three level agent, then make a difference price, and the three agent then give the four class agent, so that they can ensure that they can receive a lot of lists every day, and no Use one to chat slowly with others, arrange directly to warehouse delivery. "

Wang Fan police said, WeChat group transactions involving a wide range of people, multi-level system is to increase the difficulty of police investigation of cases.

Wang Fan: "selling Korean botulinum toxin, containing lidocaine unapproved hyaluronic acid, is a crime, this is a common understanding, so they will communicate in the group, we caught the first time for the criminal suspect's first trial is very important, (because) they are in the group from all aspects of the letter. After interest, it will deny the fact. It is very clear to oneself to evade legal responsibility. "

In one's own circle of friends, the "one to many" mode of selling fake and shoddy products is quite common. In addition, there is a new mode of "one to one" service.

How to operate the "one to one" selling fake and shoddy products? How to supervise?

"The whole marketing fraud general cycle is 60 days, every day has specific steps: 15 days of chat, 5 days of lovelorn, resigning back to the hometown for 20 days, during the period of volunteer work, learning to stir up tea, take care of the grandfather and so on, finally with a jin of 580 yuan, 880 yuan, 1280 yuan and other prices, the price is only about 50 yuan per jin of inferior tea, marketing to the owner." After seeing the police in Huizhou, Guangdong, who successfully knocked out the huge fraud Gang using WeChat's friends to carry out false sales, Mr. Liu sent a circle of friends: he was passed by this way.

Mr. Liu: "one day a woman added to my WeChat, and then this side showed that the other side was added through the phone address, and we were always dealing with different people, so I didn't think much about it." Then she returned to me and said that the number was no longer needed. I added her other number and asked, "who are you?" She replied, "maybe my cell phone address book is wrong. I hope I didn't disturb you, adding the wrong person. I'm sorry! ' I'm not doing it. "

Adding WeChat is just the first step. Mr. Liu said that after adding, even if she ignored each other, she would often send WeChat to herself and talk to herself.

Mr. Liu: "it is a pretty girl who looks pretty. It will give her some recent pictures of life, all kinds of work and life. On this side I received a good image of public interest, sports, animals, positive and positive energy.

In the next few days, the other side took the initiative to contact Mr. Liu and talk about it in private. He had some contradictions with her boyfriend in a strange land. After breaking up, he resigned and returned to his home for a period of rest. It was just a long paving for the sale of the product.

Mr. Liu: "then she said that her grandfather had a tea garden on the side of Fujian. Now she was helping grandpa to pick up tea in the country. Then she would send some pictures of her grandfather to tell her how hard her grandfather's life was. This year's tea seemed to be unsalable again. Ask me if I need to bring a Fujian black tea back in Wuyishan. "

According to the police investigation, the gang of such routines usually hold thousands of crime WeChat accounts. First, "raise the number", that is, the WeChat account set up for the gang hired "model" photos, in a certain number of WeChat fans, friends circle content is more mature, to the salesman to sell fake and shoddy products.

Where does a large number of micro signals come from?

It is very cautious to sell counterfeit products and regularly replace WeChat. In fact, the level of micro dealers and "one to one" selling fake groups will regularly buy micro signals from others. A micro signal, according to whether the real name, transaction records, use time, and so on, the price ranges from ten yuan to several hundred yuan.

Zhenjiang Jingkou police station police He Ming: "for the higher the higher the people, the higher his vigilance, basically the superior, within two months will be replaced by the WeChat. For fear that the public security organs will find them through these things.

The reporter in QQ group in the "WeChat" for the keyword search, there will be dozens of related sales groups, many of the large group of 2000 people, the group members are very cautious, the reporters randomly joined in a few groups of members of the ban, only can see the dialog box administrator "buy VX, ten minutes after the automatic retreat" word. The reporter then added several businesses.

Merchant: "new number 40 (yuan), real name 75 yuan one. If the quantity is large, it can be cheaper. How much do you need to say first? There are dozens of things on my side. "

A number of merchants confirmed that these numbers are mainly supplied to customers who do micro business.

Buyer: "we need 5000 on the side. The price is about 40 to 200. I don't want to keep data numbers. As long as we have personal numbers, we are doing platforms and micro businesses.

The "non bank payment agency network payment management method", which was implemented in July 2016, stipulates that only the account after the real name system can have the functions of receivables and transfers. At the same time, the account after the real name system has the strong ability to resist the platform seal, so the real name system, the transaction record, the long time account, the price of the account, and the price. It's higher.

This part of the account, some is stolen, a larger part of the business through the acquisition of unused mobile phone number registration obtained, and even merchants sent a large number of leakage of identity card and name pictures to journalists, indicating that the WeChat account can be helped to live.

According to the Tencent WeChat software licensing and service agreement, "initial applicants may not grant, borrow, lease, transfer or sell WeChat accounts or otherwise license non initial applicants to use the WeChat account," but it is difficult to stop the sale of the account. WeChat customer service said: if it is found that buying and selling behavior, it is very difficult for ordinary users to submit corresponding evidence materials.

WeChat customer service: "buying and selling account number, we are forbidden, you submit to us, we also have relevant staff will go according to the information you submitted to inquire, and then a certain blow to these bad people."

Does the platform have the obligation to verify the identity of seller and the authenticity of advertising content?

WeChat's circle of friends is a social media, and even if many people have taken it as a platform for buying and selling goods, does it have the obligation to examine the identity of the seller and the authenticity of the content of the advertising content? Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of commercial law of Renmin University of China, looks at the false advertisement and sale behavior of WeChat and friends circle.

Liu Junhai: "first, the WeChat platform is built by you; second, the rules of the transaction, including the advertising rules of the WeChat circle, can also be drafted by the platform. Third, the user that can do WeChat circle is to be examined by the platform; fourth, the platform has large data; fifth, every consumer activity will bring benefits to the enterprise; sixth, to act as a social moral. "

It is worth noting that "People's Republic of China Electronic Commerce Law (the three draft of the draft)" "first" micro business "into the scope of" electronic business operators ", IT legal expert Zhao Zhanling believes that this will solve the micro business management problems from the legislative, but on the ground, it needs multiple, multiple departments. Move.

Zhao Zhanling: "a previous review and two reviewers, it does not belong to the scope of e-commerce law provisions of the e-commerce, so (three reviewers) in legislation to solve a problem, that is, in the end can be through the" electronic commerce law "to standardize the micro business. The second is the regulatory layer

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