Typhoon Maria came to Fuzhou and supermarkets were sold out.

Typhoon Maria came to Fuzhou and supermarkets were sold out.

Original title: the noodles and vegetables are all gone! The Fuzhou supermarket has more people to burst this evening! What will it be after tonight's sleepless night? Source: channel network

Typhoon Maria is approaching!

Fuzhou Meteorological Observatory, 2018, 07, 10, 20:22.

Continue to release the typhoon red warning signal!

The provincial warning and warning measures are still effective.

Maria is still a strong typhoon at the moment

Central maximum wind speed 50 m / sec

According to the channel master, 11 morning morning rush hour

It is expected to land in Fuqing, Fujian and Fuding.

As of today, about 20 hours

The subject of "Maria" has begun to influence Taiwan

The outer cloud system is also beginning to close to the coastal areas of Zhejiang and Fujian

According to the news of the Chinese weather at 17:15

At present, the typhoon "Maria" is being thin

Tight circulation, fast reinforcement, fast moving speed and fast impact.

But the effects of wind and rain may suddenly appear and quickly strengthen.

Be more vigilant!


Around 7 o'clock tonight, influenced by Maria, Taiwan suffered heavy rainstorm.

All the shops in Taiwan have closed the door early!

At less than nine o'clock, there has been a strong storm in the village of Bei Jiao in Lianjiang.

In the evening, the wind and waves in Ningde's San Sha town also increased significantly.

At 20:30 in the evening, the waves in the village of Zai Nan, Lianjiang County, Fujian, are three meters high.

Supermarkets, farmers' markets, and shopping malls cut off

The result of the company's non - holiday is very serious!

Today, the Fuzhou flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued

Fuzhou, typhoon prevention and prevention of flood mobilization order!

Please spread and forward!


All citizens:

According to the forecast of meteorological and marine departments, the eighth typhoon "Maria" will be landed near our city around noon on July 11th. It is possible to attack our city positively. Typhoon "Maria" is the first typhoon that directly affects our city this year. The landing process of typhoon will bring strong wind, heavy rain and storm tide, which has a serious impact on our city. The study of the flood control and drought control department of the city decided that:

First, before the end of the emergency response to typhoon I at 0:00 on July 11th, three counties (cities), such as Drum Tower, Taijiang, Cangshan, Mawei, Jinan, Changle and other six cities, high and new zones, university cities, and Fuqing, Lianjiang, Luoyuan, and other counties (cities) carried out "three stops one rest", that is, stop work (industry), stop production and stop classes Hugh city. According to the situation of typhoon, three counties in Minhou, Minqing and Yongtai decide whether to take three stops and one rest.

(1) the various scenic spots in our city are closed, and all shopping malls, entertainment establishments and food and beverage shops are closed for business.

(two) it is not appropriate for all citizens and tourists to stay indoors as far as possible.

(three) cancel all kinds of gatherings and mass gatherings.

(four) abolish the training and training of all kinds of institutions.

(five) timely transfer and reinforcement of high altitude hangings and balcony objects to prevent falling objects.

(six) prepare flood control materials to prevent flooding in residential basement and underground parking lots.

Two, all functional departments should make preparations for typhoon rescue.

(1) every disaster relief and livelihood security unit should take measures to do a good job of water supply, power supply, gas supply, transportation, communications, civil affairs, medical and epidemic prevention, and the supply of main and non-staple food supplies.

(two) public security traffic management departments at all levels arrange police officers on the road to ensure traffic safety.

(three) civil affairs departments at all levels open up sheltered places for the public to avoid danger and avoid risks.

(four) the construction site is safe, the port crane, construction site and other gantry crane, tower crane should be in accordance with the requirements of the construction work standard, to reduce the protection measures in advance.

(five) airport aircraft must be transferred and fixed.

(six) to monitor and manage the public facilities and ensure the safety.

At present, the situation of typhoon prevention in our city is very severe. All citizens are asked to firmly adhere to the principle of life supremacy, ensure the safety of the people's life and property, and take full advantage of the comprehensive victory of the typhoon prevention work, in accordance with the deployment of the national defense general, provincial government and municipal government.

Shut down (industry), suspend production, suspend classes, and stop the market!

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of commerce that at that time, the stores in our city (including supermarkets, commercial complex, farmer's market, etc.) will stop business, and the people pay attention to reserve the daily necessities in advance. However, supermarkets will set up emergency points to ensure the distribution of emergency supplies.

Many netizens said in the backstage that some companies had not announced the notice of stoppage. Some even asked employees to handle the situation as usual. Straits king consulted Huang Chenghao, a lawyer of Fujian heavy and United (Fuzhou) law firm. His reply was as follows:

1, in the face of major natural disasters, the government issued a mobilization order, but the enterprise does not carry out "three stops one rest", the staff and workers can directly complain to the flood control or labor department, by the competent department.

2. Traffic accidents involving non self responsibility during work and commute constitute industrial injuries. For example, in the case of major natural disasters and the government has issued a mobilization order, the enterprise still makes the staff work, and the division responsibility of the accidents on the way should be more biased to the enterprises with major faults.

3, in the case of the government has issued a mobilization order, the enterprise makes the staff to work, the workers can refuse, and the enterprise must not punish the employees.

The last few hours before the typhoon

Box, Yong Hui, WAL-MART, the big queue.

Everyone's desire for life is not so strong.

Although the typhoon will be able to land tomorrow

But all Fuzhou people are ready to defend Taiwan.

Your circle of friends must be like this

This man is crowded! Yonghui supermarket is ready to stock up!

The Yonghui supermarket of the Straits Convention and Exhibition Center zoom in to see that the entire shopping cart is full of instant noodles. Mineral water!

Many shelves of WAL-MART at East Street have been swept away. How many people bought a lot of snacks for themselves on the flag of grain Hoarding?

Tiger tiger headlines: look at your fighting power! Are you going to hoard the supermarket into the weekend

@MATMAGIC: typhoon did not arrive in Fuzhou, for fear that it would be the supermarket first! My P1 and P2!!!!

@lu: the instant noodles are WAL-MART supermarket, the bread is 85 degrees C, the cake is one cake, both are empty in Changshan Lake Square.

Fuzhou Jinyu bakery. And there's only one empty counter

The box horse is also in a tight battle. The box horse little brother said nervously: today, the explosion has been ordered. It seems that the desire of the people of Fuzhou is very strong!

@Z Yan Xi's body is better: I am going to go to the box of horses at six o'clock in the evening.

Yonghui and other supermarkets related to the responsible person reminding:

The supermarket has plenty of fresh supply

There's no need for a large number of snap - ups tonight.

At present, Fuzhou's non-staple food base has more than 60 kilograms of live pigs and 36 thousand pigs, which can meet the 10 day consumption of the public.

The vegetable wholesale market in the Straits has 5000 tons of vegetables and sufficient supply to ensure that the supply of non-staple food is adequate and stable during the typhoon season.

In addition, Fuzhou Yonghui, Xinhua and other large and medium-sized supermarkets, department stores have a large amount of reserve and allocation of bread, milk, rain gear and other disaster relief urgently needed supplies, set up a parity supply point;

Zhenwei, Feilong and other catering enterprises have stored more than 20000 kinds of emergency food, such as Baozi and steamed bread, to ensure emergency convenience food distribution.

The non star Gaestgiveriet Hotel around the South and North railway stations reserved nearly a thousand beds to ensure the stay of emergency accommodation during the typhoon season.

The enterprises of Sinopec and CNPC are required to fully safeguard the emergency steam and diesel supply during the typhoon period, and the logistics enterprises, such as Shenghui and other logistics enterprises, help to do a good job of dispatching emergency materials and vehicles during the disaster relief and disaster relief period.

But the typhoon is in front of us!

We are ready to be afraid of the wind and rain.

A wooden shelf has been erected in front of the IFC building!

And the chopsticks are more powerful and equipped to upgrade! It has become a national anti network red!

Easy to release the waterlogging point! Passenger traffic stop!

Flight cancellation! The scenic spot is closed!

The impact of Typhoon on Fuzhou is getting bigger and bigger!

Fuzhou traffic police authority release

47 waterlogging points in the urban area of Fuzhou

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, there will be heavy rain and heavy rain in the coastal cities and counties before and after the typhoon landing. There will be a heavy rain tomorrow in Fuzhou. In order to ensure that the partners can travel safely and avoid wading, the 47 waterlogged spots in Fuzhou city should be understood in advance.

7053 flights are expected to be stopped in the whole province

After consultation with the meteorological department, it is estimated that the main road to be affected by torrential rain on 11 May is the 104 National Road, Zhejiang Cangnan - Fujian Fuding section.

The main roads affected by the heavy rain are: Shenhai Expressway Ningde Fuzhou section, Fuji Expressway Fuzhou Nanping - Jiangxi Nancheng section, 205 National Road Jianou Nanping - Sanming - Yongan section, 316 National Highway Fuzhou Nanping Shunchang section, 324 State Road section of Fuzhou.

The main sections affected by the rainstorm are: Shenhai highway Honglu, 205 National Road Shibei small lake section, 316 National Road Shaowu luster - Jiangxi Zixi section, 319 National Road Fujian Changting Jiangxi Ruijin section, 324 National Road - Putian section; the main roads affected by the heavy rain are the Shenhai Expressway Putian domestic road Paragraph, 205 National Road Pucheng road section, Peng Kou road section, 319 National Road, Peng Kou road section.

In order to ensure the safety of transportation, it is expected that all the major bus stations in the province will stop 7053 shifts in 11 days. All of the passenger stations in Fuzhou and Pingtan are temporarily suspended for the 2252 flights to the passenger line, and the other passenger stations in the province will take a stop according to the real-time weather conditions.

The Provincial Department of communications reminds us that the traffic safety should be avoided by observing the road conditions and avoiding the rolling stones and road obstacles above the highways. When the upper slope is unstable, the roadbed is emptied, and the road surface is deep water, it is not allowed to take risks. The local highway department should promptly notify the local highway departments.

It is reported that on the afternoon of 10, the Provincial Department of communications has sent 7 inspector groups to all parts of the province to go to all parts of the province, focusing on the situation of traffic construction sites, high altitude operation facilities, dangerous zones and the transfer of equipment and equipment, such as transportation ships, land island interchange, and river ferry stop. It is coordinated by the former. By the end of 10, 16, the provincial highway has been assembled more than 4100 people and more than 1000 kinds of machinery and equipment composed of more than 1000 units of emergency repair and emergency repair emergency teams and pavement protection emergency teams, 11 emergency emergency rescue centers are ready for service. The national provincial trunk line set up professional emergency machinery team and steel bridge erection team, a total of more than 2800 people and 13 kinds of mechanical equipment 13. More than 00 sets; the inland river shipping search and rescue system 3 search and rescue centers and several water rescue stations to form the three level water search and rescue coordination network in the province, the city and the county; the transportation management department relies on the large transportation enterprises, the province implements the 1760 road transportation emergency guarantee vehicles in the province, and the provincial level also relies on the existing reserve system of combat readiness materials, in Fuzhou Nanping, Quanzhou and Longyan, the 4 War reserves Center, storage steel bridge and so on.

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