China's two aircraft carriers are in the same direction for the first time.

China's two aircraft carriers are in the same direction for the first time.

Original title: Hong Kong media: Liaoning ship enters dock maintenance and homemade aircraft carrier side by side.

[global network military July 11th report] according to the 10 Hongkong public network reported that the first morning, China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship in the monmonon drizzle to replace the domestic carrier to enter the dockyard of Dalian shipyard for maintenance. China's two largest aircraft carriers, for the first time in the Dalian shipyard, are in the same direction, showing a momentum of "double warship". The 88 ship that had temporarily left the pier returned to Liaoning's original berth at noon.

In May 27th, network photos showed that the Liaoning ship returned to the Dalian shipyard and debuted with the first domestic aircraft carrier for the first time.

It is reported that during the maintenance work of the Liaoning ship dock at the Dalian shipyard, two 10000 ton 055 destroyers of the same day caused widespread concern and speculation, and Chinese Army fans were cheering "a brief appearance of a double carrier surface formation on the shore of Dalian".

According to the news on the Internet, in July 4th, the first aircraft carrier of China made another dock after finishing the outfitting of the port for nearly a month and a half, and made a dock for the Liaoning ship.

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