US military wants to upgrade military aircraft to quadruple ammunition capacity: US media: targeting China

US military wants to upgrade military aircraft to quadruple ammunition capacity: US media: targeting China

Overseas network July 11, on the two day, another US media hyped "China's military threat theory". The US military website Military reported that the US Air Force was seeking to upgrade the B-52 bomber to carry more ammunition, which was just to "deal with China". The title of the article is also provocative, calling it a strong signal to China.

The report said that in response to the plan to upgrade the B-52 bomber, the US army launched an information survey request in June to find the contractors that could support the upgrade and provide them with the best way to allow the B-52 bomber to carry updates and heavier bombs under the wing of the bomber.

Although the US Army has not disclosed what type of ammunition will be mounted on the bomber, the upgraded ammunition will be 4 times the original capacity. After the U. S. Army wants to upgrade the military aircraft, the ammunition pylon can mount up to 5 thousand to 20 thousand pounds of multiple weapons, and the weight of 5 thousand pounds is the maximum limit that the hanger can carry.

It was understood that the ammunition pylon was first designed in 1959 and began to be put into use in 1960s. However, no one expected that the military aircraft would need to mount more than 5 thousand pounds of weapons a day. US military officials are bluntly saying, "the times have changed now."

In view of the military's desire to fly this kind of aircraft for another 30 years, US officials say the upgrade suggests that the US Air Force hopes to remain a leader in the face of "emerging threats", especially when faced with "provocations" in the Pacific.

The report further claims that China is becoming a "strategic competitor", making the South China Sea "militarized", and also a threat to Russia, based on the strategic planning of the National Defense Department. "This is not a gratuitous claim," US officials said.

In recent years, with the development of China's military modernization, rumors about the theme of "China's military threat" are rampant. US Air Force minister Heather Wilson has repeatedly mentioned China's rapid development in the field of technology. She also called China "the biggest strategic competitor."

In February this year, Heather Wilson declared in The Pentagon that "China is modernizing rapidly, their air defense is modernizing, and their air to air capacity has been fully modernized, which is a threat to the United States."

In response to outsiders' public opinion offensive, the Ministry of foreign affairs used the "thief to catch the thief" to return. The Ministry of foreign affairs is more effective in response to objective facts. China is not the first country to deploy weapons in the South China Sea, nor a country with the most weapons deployed in the South China Sea, but not the most frequent country in the South China Sea, and the military presence of the United States in the South China Sea is far more than the sum of the military forces of China and other South Sea coastal states. In the end, who can promote "militarization" in the South China Sea, we can polish our eyes, and the answer is self-evident.

China pursues a defensive national defense policy. If people do not violate me, I will not commit crimes. In the South China Sea, China deploys the necessary and limited land defense facilities on its own reefs. It is the right to exercise the right of self-protection and self-defence entrusted to us by international law. It is legitimate. The Chinese side advised some people of the United States to give up the meaningless hype, and in a responsible manner, do more to the mutual trust and cooperation in the region, and to maintain the peace and stability of the region. (compiling / overseas network Li Meng)

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