New Zealand buys 4 P8A anti submarine aircraft: our troops are threatened by Chinese submarines.

New Zealand buys 4 P8A anti submarine aircraft: our troops are threatened by Chinese submarines.

Original title: New Zealand heavy gold purchase P8A anti submarine expert: threat to Chinese submarine

[global network military July 11th Global Times reporter Li Sikun] according to the UK Reuters reported 9, New Zealand Defence Ron Mark announced on Monday that New Zealand agreed to buy 4 American Boeing company's P-8A "Poseidon" anti submarine patrol aircraft, to strengthen New Zealand's monitoring of countries such as China, such as China Power. This is not the first American allies in the Asia Pacific to buy this advanced anti submarine aircraft, and the United States, Australia, and India have the aircraft. Will the shared data share a threat to China once they share the data?

Mark said that the aircraft was obtained through the US foreign arms sales plan. Including training fees, New Zealand paid a total of 2 billion 340 million new coins (about US $1 billion 600 million). The aircraft will be put into use in 2023. The Reuters said the New Zealand military has been seeking to replace its old P-3 antisubmarine aircraft, which will lift New Zealand's capabilities to its intelligence sharing partners - Australia, Canada, Britain and the United States. Some analysts believe that the move of New Zealand means that the country is ready to help its allies in the South China Sea to jointly cope with China. The New Zealand Herald commented on the 9 day that this means that New Zealand will achieve "operational interoperability" with other countries that use P-8 antisubmarine machines (Australia, Britain and the United States).

Chinese military expert Li Jie 10 to the "Global Times" reporter, the New Zealand purchase of the United States P-8 antisubmarine machine, on the one hand, because the United States in the field of anti submarine technology is more advanced, on the other hand, for information communication, networking. Li Jie said that, in addition to the Reuters mentioned in several countries, India also equipped with P-8I anti submarine aircraft, Japan, although the service is independent research and development of anti submarine patrol aircraft, "but the aircraft also used a lot of American equipment." Li Jie said that in this way, the data link between the antisubmarine aircraft of these countries can be linked.

"This is certainly a great threat to our submarines," Li Jie said, P-8's own ability to search submersible and latent, including reconnaissance of other surface ship targets, is very strong, but more importantly, the data chain transmission function of this antisubmarine machine can be connected to the same or similar other machine. "As long as the target submarine or its action trace is found in a region, it can be communicated to the relevant countries, or to other countries through the command and control platform of the United States. In this way, the above countries can achieve mutual convergence and communication in a relatively large sea area, so as to achieve common purpose of search and anti submarine.

Li Jie said that, even if the submarine technology is more advanced, but "good tiger shelf does not live in wolves", if the trace of my submarines is detected by the other side in a large range, and the completion of the connection, the threat will be larger.

In the face of the "anti submarine network" woven by the United States and its allies in related waters, what are the counter measures for us? Li Jie believes that in peacetime, we are not good at countermaking or hitting the other's aircraft, but the submarine itself should improve the quiet performance and stealth capability. The overall performance, including submergence depth, navigation noise, resistance and other indicators, should be improved as soon as possible. At the same time, my submarines should cooperate with the other military forces and weapons of the Chinese army. "This can lead to and decentralize a part of the detection and search capability of the other party."

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