The female football fans watched the ball in the open air, broke a waist, and their eyebrows were snapped.

The female football fans watched the ball in the open air, broke a waist, and their eyebrows were snapped.

Original title: two female fans watching a ball in the open air, a broken waist, an eyebrows were snapped.

How crazy are the fans in the world cup? Recently, there was a dispute arising from watching the ball in Nanjing. Two female fans were hit by disputes over their vision. Finally, one side broke the waist, and the other side was bitten by the eyebrows.

At 11 in the evening of July 7th, the world cup 1/4 finals in England and Sweden were at full blast. A large number of people were watching the stadium under the big screen of an open plaza in Nanjing. Members of the public heard the same crowd and fans in the crowd cheer for their favorite teams. Just as the event was tense, a woman sat in front of Mrs. Wen, and stood up and shouted from time to time, shielding her from the line of sight, which made her very unhappy. She went forward to make representations, indicating that late comers should sit behind and should not jump in to influence others' watching.

But later Ms. Qin disagreed. She said that seats were provided by businesses, and everyone could sit, and still waved. In response, Ms. Wen was very unhappy and deliberately waved her umbrella with him to shake the rain off her. This time, two people could not care to watch the ball.

As the corner of the mouth escalated, the two people started pushing and shoving. Suddenly the lady knocked Miss Qin down to the ground and sat on her. After the site security found the situation, dial "110" to call the police. At this point, chaos screams, sniffing and rolling on the ground. Her husband looked up and saw his wife's left eyebrows being bitten, and his face was covered with blood and blood.

After emergency medical treatment, Ms. Wen left the brow brow injured more than 20 stitches, and Ms. Qin's waist also hurt because she fell and was unable to move. At 3 a.m. on July 8th, the two sides came to the police station of Xuanwu Public Security Bureau to deal with the matter. Ms. Wen said she was disfigured. She must compensate the other party. Ms. Qin said that the other party had to start with the mistake. Due to the stalemate between the two sides, the mediation of that day was not successful.

The police said that it is the responsibility of both sides to fight a clap, and now we have to wait for the result of the injury appraisal to determine the size of the responsibility. At the same time, remind you that during the world cup, we must watch the game in a civilized way and watch the ball rationally.

Source: Modern Express

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