The man even made a stab for his girlfriend and more than 60 knives.

The man even made a stab for his girlfriend and more than 60 knives.

Original title: video man even stabbed his girlfriend sixty knives are still understanding: in the future will grow old together

Last November 22nd, the emergency department of a hospital in Putuo District brought in a woman who was covered in blood. When she was sent to the hospital, she had dozens of shears and head injuries on her head, and she was in shock.

Soon, the murderer found it. However, in the process of investigating the case, the victim who has recovered his mind has made some decisions which some people can not understand.

On the day of the incident, 120 ambulances received calls. A woman died in a district on Lian Liang road. Then the 120 ambulance car was sent to the hospital. After judging, the life threatening woman's injury is obviously human factor, the hospital immediately reported the police. At the scene, police noticed that the young man who escorted the woman to the hospital with the 120 ambulance was quite suspicious. After questioning, he was the boyfriend of the injured and stabbed her killer.

This thirty - year-old boy looks a little introverted and has few words. However, as long as she talks about Miss Li, her voice is full of emotion. Shen said he and Miss Lee were actually quite sentimental lovers. Even talking about the meeting of the two, he used the word "predestined". Shen was searching for a Miss Li who was still single in the process of working through WeChat's "nearby people". Once and for all, the two subjects came together. But not long afterwards, Shen, who was in love, confessed to Miss Lee a secret. It turned out that Shen was not a lonely man at that time. Soon after falling in love, Shen confessed that he had a family. Such a loving boyfriend is actually a family member, which makes Miss Li struggling inside. The road before her seemed to be the only way to break up. However, Shen told Miss Li that he had to divorce his wife and be with her.

Shen graduated from university and later worked in Shanghai. It is a good business backbone of IT enterprises. It was introduced that he was in love with his wife who had graduated from a famous university. He also had two sons who were not three years old. Shen's mother told reporters that in strict sense, his son had not been in love freely. After several short marriage dates before marriage, they got married and had children. Until now, Shen still believes that there is no lack of chemical reaction between his ex-wife and his wife. But shortly after his wife gave birth to her son, Shen knew Miss Li through "WeChat".

Knowing that his son wanted to divorce, his parents began to repeatedly advise, but Shen insisted on pursuing his happiness. For the son's attitude, the old father at home was clear and resolute against it from the very beginning. Finally, even away from home. In the summer of 2017, Shen and his ex-wife agreed to divorce. The son's custody was owned by his former wife. Shen gave up all the property after his marriage and promised to pay 5000 yuan a month for alimony. 5000 Yuan said more than a lot, say a lot less. For Shen, who has only 4 figures per month, she has to live together with Miss Li and pay alimony.

Before the incident, Shen did not see his son for two months, and at the same time, he was very stiff with his parents. At this time, he regarded his girlfriend as the only spiritual sustenance. But reality is always cruel. After the formal cohabitation, the two men often quarrelled, and Miss Li broke up several times because she suspected her boyfriend and the opposite sex were in contact. In November 22, 2017, on the night of the crime, Shen went home late because of overtime work. Work, life, emotions, coupled with emotional anxiety after insomnia, under various pressures, Shen completely collapsed. So, with a hammer and kitchen knife, Shen lost his mind completely. When his girlfriend's blood spilled to him, he finally woke up, began wrapping up his girlfriend, and called 120 to send the other side to the hospital.

But to everyone's surprise, Miss Lee did not hate Shen after picking up a life. She wrote the unconditional understanding at the first time after sober. She said Shen was very accommodating in her feelings, and Shen's loss of control was largely due to her unlawful activity, and she did not want to watch the rest of her life in prison.

Although Shen complies with the law of surrender and discontinuance of crime, he also pays medical expenses and obtains the understanding of Miss Lee. But the experts also said that Shen could have used the external force to find a reasonable outlet for negative emotions, and that any life pressure should not be an excuse for innocent people to commit. Finally, after hearing the court, the court sentenced Shen to a prison term of three years and six months. In court, Shen also promised emotionally that she would protect Miss Li from the future. Miss Li also said he would wait until he was out of prison.

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