Taiwan authorities severely cut soldiers' retirement benefits for nearly 7 years. Veterans were forced to find jobs.

Taiwan authorities severely cut soldiers' retirement benefits for nearly 7 years. Veterans were forced to find jobs.

Original title: Taiwan authorities cut hard military retirees nearly 7 years old pension was forced to find jobs

Taiwan authorities cut down military pensions, sparking public protests. (source: Zhong Shi Dian Bao)

Taiwan authorities' "pension reform policy" has been implemented since July 1st, making the retired veterans of the island unhappy. According to Taiwan's "United newspaper" reports, recently, there are veterans in the embarrassing situation, said the age of 70 years old can not enjoy the family music, but also to make a living to find a new job.

According to reports, Yang Yaohuang, a retired lieutenant colonel, has been affected by the reform of the Taiwan authorities. This month's pension is less than 7 thousand yuan (NT $1500). He regrets that they dedicate their youth and freedom to Taiwan.

Yang Yaohuang retired in 1999, and then took over the litchi orchard at home. Because of his wife and children to raise, life pressure is not small. "Selling fruit is far less than the cost of investment. Now it is hit by the annual impact and bears the pressure of" only success is not allowed to fail ".

Yang Yaohuang also revealed that students like him, who were nearly 70 years old, were shocked by the impact of the annual change. Originally retired, they began to look for security work.

It is understood that since the first half of this year, there have been an endless stream of protests on the island over the years. In February 27th, Miu Desheng, a retired colonel and the Secretary General of the blue sky Action Alliance, took part in the protest activities outside the legislative body of the Taiwan Strait, falling over the exterior walls of the building and lost the heartbeat of the ground. The "deputy commander" of the team, Wu Sihuai, was also injured in the collision and eventually led to a tragedy. The incident also caused the people of the island to be chill again about CAI authorities, shouting "overthrow" Taiwan independence "and" Cai Yingwen step down ".

However, in the wake of the protests, Cai forced the adoption of the annual change policy and was formally implemented in July 1st. In this regard, Tainan MP Wang Jiazhen of the Kuomintang has said that the Tsai authorities have been in power for more than two years, and the ethnic group tearing and the economic misery have proved that "the Democratic Progressive Party does not fall, and Taiwan will not be good." (overseas network / Li Meng)

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