South Korea announced that it will develop a new air launched cruise missile with a range of 400 km.

South Korea announced that it will develop a new air launched cruise missile with a range of 400 km.

[article / observer network plug open source]7 10, the United States "defense news", the United States, "defense news" reported that the South Korean Ministry of Defense Weapons Development Bureau announced that it will start to develop domestic air - launched remote cruise missile, the future of the Korean domestic KF-X fighters will be used. It is reported that this missile is based on the "Taurus" missile introduced by South Korea to Europe to change the design and increase the range of the improved model. In addition, the South Korean Defense Ministry also announced the introduction of European "meteor" long-range air to air missiles and IRIS-T combat missiles, which will be the first time for South Korea to produce aeronautical weapons and ammunition, before the South Korean Air force needed all kinds of air ammunition from abroad.

The "Taurus" air launched cruise missile, developed by Germany, has an export range of less than 300 kilometers.

South Korea's anti procurement project, according to the Ministry of defense development, is planning to select a domestic enterprise to develop new missiles by September this year, which will be based on the "Taurus KEPD 350" missile, which is produced by the German Swedish joint venture "golden Taurus" system.

"In the past few years, South Korea has acquired some of the" Taurus "missile technology in the past few years, according to the agreement to buy the" Taurus "missile," said a South Korean military procurement agency officer, who asked for anonymity because the missile development project is still sensitive.

"Based on the technology transfer of the" Taurus "missile, we will develop our own air to ground long-range missile to equip the KF-X fighter, and it will have operational capability in 2026."

According to the plan, South Korea will begin to purchase more than 120 KF-X fighters in 2026 to replace the active F-4 and F-5 fighters. In addition, Indonesia will manufacture not less than 50 such aircraft, but Indonesia is also the only overseas partner of the KF-X program. They will bear 20% of the development cost.

South Korea recently released the KF-X vision map, mainly using European designed missiles.

In the picture, South Korea also painted a "Taurus" cruise missile.

There are two companies that may be selected for the missile project worth $730 million, namely, the LIG Nex1 company and the Han Hua Group under the LG group. The two companies have announced their respective missile programs based on "Taurus" missile technology, which are 3000 pound and range 400 kilometers.

LIG Nex1 said they had the experience of developing a "starfish" series of anti - ship missiles, so they had the ability to develop a new type of air - launched cruise missile.

On the other hand, Han Hua is South Korea's largest military manufacturing enterprise, and they also expressed confidence in the development of new missiles.

South Korean experts say the development of air - to - ground cruise missiles is only a start, and South Korea's vast majority of the aviation weapons and ammunition are introduced from the United States and Europe, and the future will change.

In June 29th, the South Korean defense procurement project bureau showed the design of the KF-X fighter, named C-109, which would all be imported from Europe.

According to the decrypted KF-X fighter pictures, it will use the European "meteor" preplan air to air missile and the IRIS-T short-range combat air to air missile.

South Korea had previously tried to use the US AIM-9X and AIM-120 air to air missiles to the KF-X fighters, but they had to turn to Europe because the US refused to provide support.

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