Strong typhoon Maria landed in Lianjiang, Fujian, causing high speed rail to stop operation

Strong typhoon Maria landed in Lianjiang, Fujian, causing high speed rail to stop operation

Original title: strong typhoon "Maria" landed in Lianjiang, Fujian, the wind and rain continued to cause high-speed rail outage.

China Weather online news eighth typhoon "Maria" has been in today (11) at 9:10 in Lianjiang, Fujian, Huangqi Peninsula coast, the strongest typhoon landing in Fujian in July. It is expected that after landing, the intensity of "Maria" will be weakened rapidly, but the impact of rain and rain will continue today. Heavy rain in parts of northern Fujian, Southeast Zhejiang, central Jiangxi and other places, the public still need to be taken precautions.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, this year eighth typhoon "Maria" has been in today (11) 9:10 in Lianjiang, Fujian, Huangqi Peninsula coast, the largest wind near the center of the center is 14 (42 meters / seconds), the center of the minimum pressure of 96 thousand pa. The strongest typhoon landed in Fujian since July. After landing, it moved northward, and the intensity gradually weakened. It passed through northern Fujian and moved into Jiangxi this evening and weakened to a tropical depression.

Although the intensity is weakened, the influence of wind and rain is still there. It is expected that today will be the most concentrated and intense period of "Maria". As a quick typhoon, "Maria" has the characteristics of rapid enhancement, rapid migration and rapid impact. The duration of the same time in the same place may not exceed 12 hours, or even shorter, but its wind and rain influence may suddenly appear and strengthen rapidly. Public attention should be paid close attention to the forecast and vigilance.

Influenced by the strong wind and rain brought by "Maria", the high speed rail from Fujian to Zhejiang has been suspended today, especially from Taizhou to Fuzhou, and many airports in Wenzhou, Fuzhou and other airports may be delayed or cancelled. It is expected to recover tomorrow. Public travel should pay more attention to the latest information about railway and aviation.

Meteorological experts remind that "Maria" caused by the extreme wind and rain, short and strong storm rain, the impact is extremely prominent, so the prevention must not be taken lightly, when the public travel needs to pay attention to heavy rainfall may cause traffic, especially in large areas may appear waterlogging; at the same time, sustained heavy rainfall may lead to To prevent secondary disasters such as waterlogging, landslide and debris flow, we should strengthen prevention and deal with them ahead of schedule.

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