Millet shares "first break after the establishment" confidence enough to recommend 4 related concept stocks

Millet shares

Probationary reporter Wang Ke

After the first day of listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the stock price was broken, and the stock price was "first broken," up 13.1 percentage points up to 19 yuan as of yesterday's closing.

Analysts pointed out that millet is a new technology consumer company that reconstructs people (users), goods (products), factories (supply chain), and field (retail channels) chain. Based on the business model with the core of flow management and efficiency promotion, millet has grown from a start-up company in seven years into a phenomenal enterprise with a annual revenue breakthrough of hundreds of billions of RMB, and is actively promoting the reform of the efficiency optimization of the traditional Chinese consumer goods production and marketing ecology. The millet group landed in Hong Kong stocks and will soon be included in the Hang Seng Composite Index, the Hengsheng global composite index, the Hang Seng Internet technology industry index and other related indices. Although the stock price was broken on the first day of the market, the big rebound in yesterday showed that the market still reported confidence to it, further reflecting the investors' millet. With the affirmation of the intrinsic value of the group, the listed companies in the A share market related to the millet industry chain are also expected to usher in a good opportunity for development.

"Securities Daily" Market Research Center Based on the data of flush data found that yesterday, A shares of the concept plate of millet overall uplink, the plate of 37 shares of the board to achieve a rise, in all tradable shares accounted for 74%. In particular, the two shares of the two shares were harvested and raised in 7.26% stocks, 7.26%, 5.73%, and Jing Quanhua (5.28%) were followed by 3 stocks, and the increase of yesterday was more than 5%, Mada figures (4.89%), FENDA Technology (4.39%), shares (4.04%), and EO ring NC (4.). 00%, and 5 of the 3.97% leading companies in China made up more than 3% yesterday.

On the side of the fund, the active attention of large single funds in the field or one of the driving forces of the plate is one of the driving forces. Yesterday, there were 25 shares in the plate, which showed a net inflow of large single capital, of which, the sensing (66 million 736 thousand and 800 yuan), the EFI Technology (23 million 551 thousand and 600 yuan), the third ring group (22 million 929 thousand and 700 yuan), and all Zhi Technology (18 million 168 thousand and 500) Yuan and other 4 stocks yesterday, the net capital inflow of large single capital ranks the highest in the past, reaching more than 100 million yuan, and the above 4 stocks yesterday attracted a total of 131 million yuan.

For the future investment strategy of millet concept plate, Guotai Junan pointed out:

First, the smartphone is the core flow entrance of the millet ecosystem, and the most direct beneficiaries of the explosive growth of the shipments are the core suppliers of millet system, including ODM manufacturers, batteries, panels, camera modules and chassis, which are expected to appear heavy weight companies.

Secondly, millet has invested in more than 100 ecological chain companies, and the total sales of the ecological chain doubled to 20 billion yuan in 2017. These ecological chain companies have formed the "bamboo forest effect" and become increasingly prosperous. Millet ecological chain terminal products company is the second beneficiaries other than the supply chain, and these enterprises are expected to use millet. The huge user group and the relatively mature product methodology are fast becoming bigger and stronger.

Third, millet unique profit model makes the importance of the Internet business to millet is self-evident, millet has been distributed MIUI, film and television, mutual entertainment, finance, cloud services five sectors, is around the 300 million MIUI core user group and 85 million IoT network equipment users actively explore the way of cash change, the proposed focus on Millet Games and advertising, the two fastest growing sectors related business cooperation enterprises.

Finally, the new retail field: the strategic core of the new retail is to optimize the circulation and promotion link to realize the high efficiency operation of the whole product link. At present, the number of Millet's home stores has exceeded 300. The company, the offline distributor and the supply chain management service provider are hopeful to share the new zero of millet. The sale of the bonus.

In terms of institutional rating, about 25 millet concept shares were recommended by institutions in nearly 30, of which 4 stocks, such as 4 shares (4), blue Technology (3), crystal optoelectronic (3), and open stock (3), were given by 3 and more than 3 institutions to "buy" or "increase". It will be bullish on institutions.

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