After the fire engine rubbed the private car, the rescue lawyer: the fire engine should not be hit by white.

After the fire engine rubbed the private car, the rescue lawyer: the fire engine should not be hit by white.

Original title: private cars blocking the passage, the fire engine after rubbing, forced to pass, lawyer: fire engines should not be "white collision".

Lawyer Liu said that the vehicles of the fire department should not "hit the white collision", give strict penalties to private cars and compensate for the loss of the fire vehicles, and the private car should take on the liability for tort in accordance with the law.

Recently, a video of a fire engine cutting the private car caused a network concern. In the video, several fire engines cut their cars through a narrow road. In July 9th, the Nanchong fire brigade in Sichuan issued a report that two private cars were blocking the channel as the incident was being carried out, and the rescue vehicles and private cars had been rubbed to the rescue scene after the emergency.

In this regard, the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau, a team of traffic police, Zhao Bin, a team of accidents, said that the traffic accident caused the fire engines to collide in the execution of an emergency task, not a traffic accident, the traffic accident is a negligent act, but this event can not be identified as a negligent act, not the traffic management department of the public security organs. Therefore, the relevant responsibilities of car owners are not recognized.

Multiple cars on the spot were damaged and damaged

In July 9th, the Nanchong fire brigade in Sichuan issued a report that at 10:33 on July 9th, the 25 floor of the southern gate of Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, was caught in a fire in the kitchen. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade command center immediately dispatched 20 vehicles from Yuying Road Fire squadron 4 people to the scene for disposal.

At 10:35, when the rescue vehicle moved to the gate of Wuying Road, Wuxing primary school, the passageway was blocked by private cars, and the rescue vehicles could not pass through. When the fire officers and soldiers and the traffic policemen shouted and moved without any result, the fire engine went through the rubbing with two private cars parked illegally. Because of the urgent rescue situation, firefighters first went to the rescue site.

Live video shows that a fire vehicle is moving slowly along a private car, and a traffic policeman directs traffic ahead of the fire engine. One of the private cars was sunk in the corner of the bumper, and the front bumper of the other red private car had fallen off the car. A number of other pictures showed that a fire engine was broken on the front right side of the fire engine, and many spray painting had been cut off. There were many scratches on the left rear body of the fire engine.

Firefighter: yelling

Liu Kai, vice captain of the squadron in Shunqing fire brigade, told the Beijing News reporter that he received a command from the command center on the morning of 9. A high-rise building was fired at the 25 floor of a high-rise building. The rescue car was immediately driven from the squadron to the fire place, just out of 30 meters. At the entrance of Yuying road five star primary school, many private cars and motorcycle were found. The car was stopped and the rescue channel was blocked.

When the firemen get off the train, they move the blocking passageway and shout the owners of the private cars together with the traffic police to let them move the vehicles. "The first car was relatively small, and it drove past. The cars in the rear were longer and wider. I called the police man again, and he said he was not sure about the fire. We were very worried. Liu Kai said the high rise fire is a special building and needs to be dealt with for the first time. On the phone, the caller stressed that "the smoke is very heavy and has turned to the neighbors for help". At the moment of emergency, there are two private cars on the road blocking up at the intersection and unable to get in touch with the owner.

After 4 minutes of clogging, the fire vehicle could only force two private cars to pass by to the alarm location. "On the way, I'll call the police man again and say that the neighbors have helped him out, and we will go back."

Liu Kai said no such thing is very rare. But at that time, the fire was located on the 25 floor. There was a big safety hazard. The alarm on the phone was more flurried and unclear about the fire. Under the helplessness, the fire truck can only be passed through.

Traffic police: non traffic accident liability will not be identified

Nanchong Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade accident squadron Zhao Bin told the Beijing News reporter, recently Yuying road is building roads, but has set aside the width of vehicle traffic. In addition, there is a primary school nearby. Many parents take their children to and from school. They usually stop and go, so the sections are sometimes very crowded.

Zhao Bin said that there are 5 signs of no parking in this road. Before the incident, most of the roads were occupied by private cars, leaving only a narrow passage. When the fire truck passed, because of the size of the vehicle, unable to pass, firefighters and traffic police to coordinate the owner of the car, but there are two car owners can not be connected, under the urgency, the fire car can only rub two private cars. As the movement of two private cars moved, another nearby vehicle was also damaged. A total of three vehicles were damaged in the incident.

On the afternoon of 9, three vehicles were fined 150 yuan for illegal parking. All the owners had been punished by the traffic control department. "The two owners also expressed regret that they should not stop and let the fire trucks pass." Zhao Bin said that two owners also asked how their vehicles were damaged when they were damaged, and the traffic control department believed that the vehicle was caused by the traffic accident, not a traffic accident, not the traffic management department of the public security organs, so the notice of disapproval was issued to the other party. The signature has been approved by the party.

Zhao Bin said the incident was not a traffic accident. Traffic accident is a negligent act, but this incident can not be identified as a negligent act. In order to protect greater interests, fire trucks can understand this behavior. And the traffic police department does not issue a liability confirmation. Under normal circumstances, the insurance company will not claim compensation. "The car repair fee is the sole responsibility of the owner of the private car."

Follow up

The fire brigade retains the right to blame private cars

Liu Kai, vice captain of the squadron of Yuying Road, said that the network friends called the net friends of the damaged fire-fighting car, the value of 120 million is not true. In fact, the damaged fire engine belongs to the rescue vehicle, and the value is about 1. 2 million. "I asked the maintenance master, and it was not serious." At present, the fire brigade reserves the right to pursue these two private cars. As of press release, private car owners have not contacted the fire brigade.

Liu Kai said that because of the implementation of the task and the private car was the first time. There were also cases of fire trucks being unable to enter the fire scene due to vehicle occupying fire corridors. At this point, firefighters can only get off to investigate the fire on foot and lay fire bags for fire fighting. As rescue time is delayed, the difficulty of rescue will also increase.

"If the door of the district is far from the building, it will take 7 or 8 minutes to take the time that it will take longer, the life is greater than the day, and maybe a few minutes will miss the event." Captain Liu appealed to owners not to occupy fire corridors and block fire fighting and rescue. Timely avoid the fire trucks that are dealing with the danger, ensure that the fire passage is safe and smooth, and try to save more losses for the people.

Lawyer's statement

Fire Department vehicles should not be "white hit"

Liu Changsong, a lawyer in Beijing's moussing law firm, said private cars were stopped to plug fire passages, violating "traffic law" and "Fire Law", and the latter's responsibility was much heavier.

The road traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the laws and regulations that violate the road traffic safety regulations concerning the parking and temporary parking of vehicles may indicate illegal acts and give a verbal warning and leave them immediately. A motor vehicle driver who is not on the scene or at the scene but refuses to leave immediately and obstruct the traffic of other vehicles or pedestrians shall be fined 20 yuan or more than 200 yuan.

The People's Republic of China Fire Law stipulates that no unit or individual shall occupy, block or close the evacuation passageway, the safety exit and the fire engine passageway. The law also stipulates that, in addition to the violation of the code, the fire department should also impose a fine of less than 5000 yuan and more than 50 thousand yuan in addition to the order to make corrections; the person who violates the code is also warned or fined below five hundred yuan; it is ordered to correct and enforce, and the required expenses shall be borne by the offending person. The fare and the delayed parking fee are borne by the actor.

Liu said that the vehicles of the fire department should not "hit the white collision", and should be punished severely for the violation of private cars and compensation for the loss of fire-fighting vehicles. Private car owners should take on the liability for tort in accordance with the law.

Zhang Xinnian, a Beijing lawyer's law firm, said that if the fire vehicle and normal parking vehicles were rubbed in emergency, the fire department could give reasonable compensation. However, if a private car stops illegally, causing obstruction to rescue passageway, not only does it not give compensation, but also the fire department can impose administrative penalties on private car owners according to the "Fire Law". Zhang Xinnian said that in such a case, if the private car was illegally damaged, the insurance company would not claim damages.

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