French fans celebrate the final: bus top "disco" (map)

French fans celebrate the final: bus top

Original title: French fans crazy to celebrate the final: bus top "disco"

Overseas network July 11 Beijing time July 11, 2018 at 2 a.m. in the first semi-final of the world cup, the French team succeeded in winning the final of 1-0 to Belgium. After the game, French fans rushed to Champs Elysees street in Paris, or chanted the French National Anthem Marseilles to The City Hall Square and began to celebrate in a crazy way.

According to the French RTL broadcasting company, more than 20 thousand French fans gathered in The City Hall Square, streets and lanes were honking their horns and shouting "we were in the final" with the fans in the street restaurant. It is reported that after 1998, the French team returned to the World Cup finals after 20 years. (overseas network / Liang Yi)

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