Vice countries highly appreciate the project settled in Shanghai Sino US friction period special signal

Vice countries highly appreciate the project settled in Shanghai Sino US friction period special signal

Original title: item highly appreciated by the Politburo member, transmitting special signals during the Sino US friction period

Source: the public number of Chang'an Avenue magistrate

Yesterday, Elon Mask, chairman and chief executive of Tesla company, arrived in Shanghai. Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, and mayor of Shanghai should meet with him.

In the evening, the cooperation news spread out: the planned annual production of 500 thousand pure electric vehicles of Tesla super factory formally settled in Shanghai port area, this is the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai history, and the unveiling of the Shanghai electric vehicle research and development center.

In other words, China made Tesla, a research and development, manufacturing and marketing company, is coming.

In 2017, the Chinese market made about 17% of Tesla's total revenue. The annual sales volume in China is estimated to be 15 thousand. It is the second largest global market in Tesla, and the future growth prospects are very broad.

At present, Tesla faces a crisis of insufficient capacity in the United States. At one time, musk took a tent to sleep in the factory "overseer", coupled with negative news such as top executives leaving, market sings and subscribers, and Tesla urgently needed to seize the "powerful engine" of the Chinese market.

However, in the context of Sino US trade disputes, since July 6th, China has imposed a 25% tariff on imported cars originating in the United States. The decision soon affected Tesla, and the price of cars increased by 139 thousand to 257 thousand. This prompted musk to speed up the pace of building factories in China.

The news came out, and Chinese consumers were happy. Before buying Tesla, it is always about 200000 higher than the US price, which makes people feel "meat pain". Tesla officials have explained that we produce cars in the United States to sell one freight in China, two to tax, and the difference is mainly spent on it.

After the Shanghai super factory was put into production, the price of freight and tax, and the use of China's spare parts and labor, will help to reduce the cost. The price of the domestic Tesla will no doubt be a surprise to the consumers.

It is reported that the Shanghai super factory not only supplies China, but will also cover the Asia Pacific, its annual production target of 500 thousand is very exciting, which is flat and will bring a lot of employment opportunities at the current annual output target of Tesla in the United States. Yesterday, Mask said that the beauty and vitality of the city of Shanghai was amazing and hoped that the super factory of Tesla would be built as soon as possible to add color to Shanghai.

Tesla's settlement in Shanghai can be called "the beginning of a thousand calls." As early as 2014, relevant news came out, but there were obstacles in the implementation. Since last year, China has consistently released a positive signal.

In August 2017, the State Council formally issued the State Council's notice on several measures to promote the growth of foreign capital, clearly pointing out the opening of the 12 fields of new energy vehicle manufacturing.

In January, Liu He, a member of the Central Political Bureau and director of Finance and finance, attended the Davos world economic forum, which indicated that China would expand the opening of the manufacturing and service industries to the outside world, mainly to cancel or reduce the restrictions on foreign investment.

In June 28th, the development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued the special management measures for foreign investment access (the negative list) (the 2018 Edition), which made it clear that the cancellation of the foreign capital stock of the special vehicle and the new energy vehicle in 2018 was restricted. Since then, Tesla is basically in the "Huajian" factory.

Specific to the advantages of Shanghai, Li Qiang told musk, Shanghai auto industry developed, has a relatively complete base of the automotive industry chain, the choice of the Tesla project in Shanghai, will help to better expand the Chinese market, the Asia Pacific market. We will actively create an international, rule of law and facilitation business environment, creating more favorable conditions for the development of Chinese and foreign enterprises in Shanghai.

Mask said he will go all out to build the Shanghai super factory into a green sustainable factory model with functions of R & D, manufacturing and sales. Li Qiang expressed appreciation for this.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) has previously introduced the opening of the first China International Import fair in Shanghai in November 5th, which is one of the four major home diplomatic activities in China this year. Li Qiang sent an invitation to musk yesterday: This is a major move for China to actively open the market to the world, and also an important platform for foreign companies to display new products. Tesla is welcome to participate in the exhibition and bring the latest technology and quality products to share the opportunities for economic and trade development.

Musk came to Shanghai with Tesla across the ocean, and printed the sentence: the broad Pacific has enough space to accommodate two big powers.

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