Foreign media: Ali talks with BT on cloud service cooperation

Foreign media: Ali talks with BT on cloud service cooperation

[World Wide Web comprehensive technology report] according to foreign media reported on July 10th, Alibaba is negotiating with BT group on cloud service partnership. It is widely believed that this is China's Internet giant challenging Amazon's dominance in Europe.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Alibaba's agreement with BT's IT advisory subsidiary may be similar to the Alibaba's current arrangements in Germany and Vodafone. A British Telecom spokesman confirmed by e-mail that the British Telecom is negotiating with the Alibaba, but declined to provide details. A Alibaba spokesman also refused to comment.

Since 2009, Ali cloud has expanded rapidly to overseas markets, directly challenging the e-commerce giant Amazon network services in the field of cloud computing. According to Synergy Research Group last month, Ali cloud is now the fourth largest provider of global cloud computing infrastructure and related services, second only to Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Cloud business is promoting the development of the Alibaba

Europe has become the key to the success of aliyun outside China. Alibaba started its partnership with Vodafone in 2016. The company, based in Hangzhou, China, has established the first European data center in Frankfurt, enabling Vodafon to resell the Ali cloud services, such as data storage and analysis. Last week, Alibaba cloud moved to France, agreeing to cooperate with transportation and communications company Bollore SA to launch cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.

Telecommunication plight

The negotiation between BT and Alibaba highlights the dilemma of the telecommunications industry. As large technology companies and consulting companies play a role in installing and maintaining IT networks for large companies, they have to choose whether to boycott them, or accept their help and decide which people to alliances.

BT Global Services has established a partnership with Amazon, Microsoft and CISCO systems, while Spain's Telefonica SA is working with Amazon. In Germany, German Telecom's T-Systems company has a partnership with HUAWEI technology and CISCO in China, but it has structured its public cloud products as a substitute for American giant Amazon and Google to publicize its ability to preserve data in Germany. The strict data protection act 100% is beyond the reach of the US authorities.

The agreement with the Alibaba can strengthen the cloud computing and large data skills of the UK Telecom, as customers shift more IT capacity to different places to reduce costs.

BT is digitizing its global services business, which involves thousands of layoffs. Last year, its revenue dropped by 9%. The poor performance of global service companies and the resignation of British Telecom chief executive Gavin Paterson last month, Gavin Patterson, pushed some analysts to speculate that BT may sell the Department. However, some investors believe that the Department is critical to BT's relationship with multinational customers. (internship compilation: Lu Jiaqi review: Li Zongze)

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