The new energy vehicle costs more than 3000 yuan for the license plate number.

The new energy vehicle costs more than 3000 yuan for the license plate number.

Original title: new energy vehicle parking encountered awkward parking lot "can not enter"

Newspaper reporter Zhao Yingying J201

"Jing AD09 * * *" always opens the parking lot with the 6 digit green new energy vehicle special license plate, and the owner of the car is praying to carry the rod smoothly when he comes out, no longer temporary "rescue". Beijing has been using the new energy vehicle for half a year. However, there are still many owners who complain that after driving into the parking lot, they often encounter embarrassment that can not be identified by the number plate, and the owner calls for the early escalation of the supporting measures.

Stop for half a day and show the fare of 3000 yuan

The owner of the car owner is the first private car owner in Beijing to use the special license plate for new energy vehicles. The green background and the 6 digits after the upgrade make the small ancestor feel very good. The only trouble is parking.

"Because there are more than one digit, some parking lots can't recognize this number plate." Xiao Zu said that the most embarrassing one was in the Dafang hotel garage in the West Second Ring. When he drove into the yard, he swept the yard and lifted the rod. Everything was smooth. When the garage was out, the system first did not respond, and then suddenly the parking fee was 3000 yuan. "To see the four digit fare, the staff of the parking lot are terrified," he said. "The system is chaotic because it can't recognize the new energy license plate."

Shopping malls, hotels, parks... Xiao Zu told reporters that using the new sign for a full half a year, he had encountered the embarrassment of "can not go out" in every place. The probability of the number card could not be identified is about 40%. "So I am now in the parking lot, and I'm afraid that I can't find the staff and be stuck in the yard."

Orson park is recognized as "no car"

What will happen to the vehicle with new energy license plates coming into the garage? At the weekend, reporters used a new energy vehicle for an experience. At the Olympic Forest Park, the equipment did not show any problems when entering the South Gate of the park, and the automatic lifting rod was released, but when it came out, the parking system showed that the vehicle was "no sign vehicle", and there was no corresponding entry record. The staff of the garage were not surprised to say that such a situation was often encountered and asked to be released after admission.

Then, the reporter also experienced two shopping malls. In Chongwenmen, the city of Chongwenmen, the parking system can fully identify the number of numbers, the owners can pay the fare online through the self-help payment system, but in a shopping mall in Wangfujing, the parking system is not able to identify the license plate of new energy.

Car owners call for an early upgrade

"From December 28th last year, Beijing has been issuing new energy vehicles for half a year. More and more owners of green signs are on the road. When can the supporting measures like parking be taken, when can they be upgraded in place?" The owner of the car, the small ancestor, called.

The reporter consulted a car park operator, according to its introduction, the intelligent license plate recognition system is based on the large algorithm to deal with the data, that is, "large data" to identify the characters and numbers on the license plate, only each character and number are identified to calculate the accurate parking time. The parking lot can not identify the new energy license plate. From a technical point of view, it is necessary to upgrade the system once.

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