Qantas test "brush face" boarding the traditional boarding mode will be eliminated.

Qantas test

[global network technology comprehensive report] Australia "new fast network" reported in July 9th, at Sydney Kingsford Airport (Sydney Airport) passengers on Sydney Airport specific international flights, since July 5th began to enjoy the "brush face" boarding service. The face recognition technology allows passengers to move freely at Sydney Kingsford Airport without passports or boarding passes. Whether it is for the check-in procedure, the luggage, the lounge, or the formal boarding, the passengers do not need to show their passports or other documents. As long as the relevant documents are shown in the immigration office, they can be passed through the face by the face scan.

In the future, perhaps the face recognition technology of "couch-to-boarding gate" will allow passengers to be boarding at the mobile and automate border processing, and will eventually completely eliminate the traditional passport boarding.

Cabot (Geoff Culbert), chief executive of Sydney Kingsford Airport, said the world's leading "brush face" technology will improve the way people travel, and passengers can enjoy more convenient services at the airport. He said it was exciting for some Australian passengers to have a chance to participate in the "landmark" test, and the passengers would not have to look around for their passport or boarding pass. "Your face is your passport and boarding card."

However, this new technology will also expose the trend of passengers in the airport. Hudson, chief customer officer of Qantas, said that in order to provide customers with more innovative services, Vanessa Hudson attaches great importance to the promotion of the technology. "It is increasingly necessary for airlines and airports to provide faster and convenient airport services for customers, and we are looking forward to the results of the test," she said.

It was reported that the "brush face" system was published in 2017 with a series of counter-terrorism measures, causing many commentators to worry about their privacy or invasion by hackers. In what way the individual biometric information collected by the technology will be "shared" and whether the protection measures for these data are in place, these questions are still not answered. (internship editor: Mana review: Tan Liya)

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