After being abused, a female nurse started to fight a 59 year old patient and was dismissed.

After being abused, a female nurse started to fight a 59 year old patient and was dismissed.

Original title: a 59 year old woman clashed with a nurse when injecting the needle. The Xinzhou Red Cross Hospital said the nurse had been dismissed.



Chu Tian Metropolis News (reporter Liu Xiaobin Intern Luo Cong) Wuhan Xinzhou District 59 year old Zhang mother-in-law because of kidney stones, in the Xinzhou District Red Cross Hospital in hospital treatment. In July 6th, Zhang Po ran a conflict with Xiao Chen, a 24 year old nurse when injecting the needle. After the incident, Zhang transferred to Xinzhou District People's Hospital for observation and treatment, and Chen Ze was dismissed by the hospital.

Injections trigger conflict

Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter came to Xinzhou District People's hospital inpatient department, in the ward to see Zhang mother. She is lying in bed, with a medical adhesive tape underneath his left ear. Zhang Popo said that in June 30th, she was hospitalized in Xinzhou Red Cross hospital because of kidney stones. In the morning of July 6th, she was ready to leave the hospital after a drop. At 10 o'clock that day, she was beating second bottles, and suddenly she saw bubbles in the needle, and she reflected on the nurse, who was giving a needle to another patient in the ward. Xiao Chen did not hit the needle, and came to ask her not to talk nonsense and make a move to beat her. She got out of bed to avoid it, and the other patients, family members and medical staff who came to hear him took her away. After that, she closed the doors and windows of the ward and laid down on the bed. But soon, Xiao Chen broke into the ward and hit her on the left side. "My face was swollen and dizzy, my eyes were black, and my blood pressure was elevated." Zhang Popo said the doctors and nurses in the hospital were treating her on the spot.

Zhang Popo's daughter, Ms Ho, said she was not in the ward, and did not see the specific incident. At 2 p.m. on July 6th, the mother was dizzy again, and the hospital was treated. At 5 p.m. on July 6th, the Xinzhou Red Cross Hospital let the mother leave the hospital. At 10 o'clock that evening, my mother was unable to sleep at home, and the family sent his mother to the Xinzhou Red Cross Hospital. Later, they were transferred to the people's Hospital of Xinzhou district for treatment.

The nurse has been dismissal

Xiao Chen, a nurse in charge, cried that she had worked in the hospital for more than 4 years, and knew that the relationship between doctors and patients was tense. He was very careful at ordinary times, even if he was wronged. At 10 o'clock in July 6th, she gave an injection to a father in the ward. Suddenly, she heard a mother in law saying that there were bubbles in the needle. She went over to explain carefully that bubbles in the syringe were normal. But her mother-in-law was very excited, saying that she was not in a good attitude, and constantly criticized and abused her, and pinched her arm with a needle in hand, causing her arm to be injured. When others dissuaded, she did have a physical contact with Zhang Po. Her hand accidentally touched Zhang Popo's face, but she didn't hit anyone. At the same time, she didn't go to the ward second times.

Yesterday afternoon, when the reporter came to Xinzhou Red Cross Hospital, the hospital is organizing nursing staff to train medical ethics and relevant laws and regulations.

The relevant person in charge of the hospital said that no matter what the reason was, there was a physical conflict between medical staff and patients. Therefore, in July 7th, the hospital held a study and decided to dismiss Xiao Chen. On the day of the incident, the hospital apologized to Zhang's mother and promised to solve the related medical expenses. As for other issues, it will cooperate with the consultations.

At present, Xinzhou District Public Security sub bureau is investigating and handling this matter.

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