The sale of Ukrainian javelin missiles is defective or because of concerns about the black market.

The sale of Ukrainian javelin missiles is defective or because of concerns about the black market.

Ukraine media published a letter from the director of the "light" Design Bureau in Ukraine on July, according to the Russian satellite network. It said the "period of use" of the "javelin" anti tank missile in the United States was sold in the United States, and the missile failed to start in the demonstration shooting, if it was used in actual combat. The weapon system may jeopardize the safety of Ukraine's servicemen. Russian experts speculate that the "javelin" missiles that have "obvious defects" are deliberately made by the United States in order to reduce the risk of the flow of these weapons into the black market and even into the hands of terrorists.

In December 2017, the United States announced a decision to open the export of anti lethal weapons to Ukraine. Since March 2018, the $47 million "javelin" anti tank missile has arrived in Ukraine. The deal sparked strong discontent in Russia and was interpreted by the media as "stepping on the red line of Russia".

The picture shows the launch of the "javelin" anti tank missile in the United States.

But following US media disclosure to some extent alleviated Russia's anxiety, the US "Wall Street journal" reported that the United States has set an extremely "harsh limit" for the deployment and use of "javelin" anti tank missiles in Ukraine, which are required to be prepared for the Ukraine government troops far away from the front. And the US armed forces that provide training for the Ukrainian army will regularly check the equipment. Media interpretation said that the United States does not want these lethal weapons to fall into enemy hands.

The United States has suffered from the loss of "pig mate" in Georgia. During the Georgian war, a large number of us aid weapons fell into Russia's hands, and many of them went into the black market. The Wall Street journal, the United States, has revealed that, thanks to the Georgian military black market, Armenia has to think of its special unit as "armament" (a full set of American military boots, field jackets and short knives).

Mistrust is accumulated by a series of events. Ukraine's "criminal record" in arms control is much more than that of Georgia. Armed forces in eastern Ukraine have shown some "high end trophies" - such as the US Anti Ukraine artillery radar. But later, Ukraine government troops also complained that American aid anti artillery radar performance was "castrated", called "deaf blind," and did not play a role on the battlefield.

News reports about the United States' aid to Ukraine's "tattered" have not been broken, and almost cover all arms sales and arms. For example, American Hummer cars in Ukraine, which were produced in the late 80s to the early 90s of the last century, were used in some vehicles or plastic doors and windows. Because of the long time in the warehouse, some cars had a direct tire after one hundred or two hundred kilometers. The United States Aid bullet proof vest was also used by the US Army in 2005. The 72 RQ-11B "Raven" small UAVs (analog signals) can't interfere with the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. The Ukraine army is forced to use parts of Australia, China, Czech and other national companies to assemble unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the battlefield. It is much better to use than American military UAVs on the battlefield. .

In fact, the United States "pit Ukraine", will aid the performance of "castration" of weapons performance, on the one hand, do not want to do "unjust big head", to become Russia's "transport captain", but also worried that these weapons may eventually fall into the hands of terrorists. It has been reported earlier that the components of the armed factions in the Ukraine battlefield are very complex, and some extremists are moving between Ukraine and the Middle East, and the weapons are moving along with the flow of personnel.

At the beginning of 2018, Russian army Soviet -25 was shot down by portable air defense system in Syria, when Russian media speculated that the air defense system sources were suspected of Ukraine's greatest suspicion. In addition, in the incident of the attack on the Syrian Russian base with unmanned aerial vehicles (unmanned aerial vehicles), the Russian army also revealed that the explosives carried on the UAV had "Ukraine." Fingerprints. Although the two events were "injured" in Russia, the highly lethal weapons fell into the hands of terrorist armed forces and were always a huge threat to the United States.

The Ukraine government's criticism of the "weak" control of weapons is not only from the "enemy" Russia and "the friendly" America, but "our own people" are also aware of it. Leonid Kravchuk, the first president of Ukraine, once expressed his views on whether Ukraine gave up the wisdom of nuclear weapons, made "self-criticism" on Ukraine's weakness in arms control, and described Ukraine's weapons of mass destruction as "the monkey with a hand grenade". Hurt people but more likely to be victims.

In September 26, 2017, an arsenal of 188 thousand tonnes of ammunition was exploded in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, resulting in the destruction of more than 5 tons of ammunition. Ukraine military procuratorate investigation found that the explosion of the Arsenal was artificially destroyed. It was said at the time that the Arsenal was actually detonated to annihilate the evidence after the robbery. It was said that a large number of portable air defense missiles were included in the arms that were hijacked in the arsenal. Since 2017, there have been four "explosions" reported by the media in the large arsenal of Ukraine.

The Cato society has issued an evaluation report. The United States has been selling weapons to high-risk customers for years and has laid a curse on its safety. There is no doubt that Ukraine is such a "high-risk" customer. But Ukraine, as an important chess piece on the chessboard of Eurasia, plays a decisive role in the "great cause of resistance against Russia" in the United States. For the sake of political propaganda, the United States must "send warmth" to Ukraine from time to time - this month Russia and Ukraine will hold a joint exercise at sea, and Weiss Mitchell, the United States assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia, has also said to expand its arms supply to Ukraine. In view of Ukraine's bad record of weapons storage, Russian experts speculate that the frequency of the explosion of aid weapons may be the "routine" of the United States to maximize its own interests. (Wen / Dong Lei)

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