British media: China launched the space station's core space plan in 2020.

British media: China launched the space station's core space plan in 2020.

Reference News Network reported in July 11th that China was building a large space station and planned to launch the main space module into orbit in 2020, part of a grand plan to maintain permanent manned spacecraft in orbit.

According to the times of July 9th, Yang Liwei, director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said that at least two more capsules will be added to the space station over the next two years.

He said: "China is ready to enter the era of space station."

The launch of the new space capsule will mark a further improvement in China's ambitious space program, the report said.

According to the report, according to the design, the new space station can accommodate three astronauts, and six people will be able to accommodate the official operation. Yang Liwei said the Chinese space station (CSS) runs from 211 miles to 280 miles (about 340 kilometers to 450 kilometers) from the ground. It will carry out experiments in the fields of medicine, life science, biotechnology, microgravity and space technology.

Chinese state media have reported that astronauts training at China's space station has been launched.

Reported that since Yang Liwei became the first Chinese astronaut in 2003, China's space exploration capability has improved rapidly.

Although Chinese astronauts have not yet set foot on the moon, Beijing has put forward a bold plan to build the moon base as its ultimate goal. China plans to launch fourth lunar probes later this year, which will land on the side of the moon on the back of the earth and take a clearer picture of deep space. (compiling / Qing Songzhu)

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