Israel has not been disappointed by Trump's exemption from "true friend".

Israel has not been disappointed by Trump's exemption from

Original title: not being "real friend" Trump's duty to exempt Israel deeply disappointed

After the EU, Canada and Mexico, Israel, as one of the firm allies of the United States, failed to obtain "immunity" from the Trump administration's "import tariff on steel and aluminum".

According to Israeli media calcalistech (Commercial Daily Calcalist), earlier this week, the Ministry of economy held talks with US Trade Representative Office officials, but Israel was still unable to obtain "immunity". The decision expressed disappointment at the US side and said the United States was Israel's largest commodity export market, and the decision could cause a "fatal blow" to the metal industry.

The report said that although the United States and Israel have always been closely linked politically and economically, and the private relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu is very good, Israel has failed to obtain "immunity" from the "steel and aluminum import tariff" of the United States.

Earlier this week, Ohad Cohen (Ohad Cohen), head of the trade management department of the Ministry of Economics (FTA), met with Daniel Mulaney (Daniel Mullaney), the United States Assistant Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East, and Israel had not changed the US.

Dan Katarivas (Dan Catarivas), head of the foreign trade department of the Ministry of economics, told Mulaney that he was disappointed with the "no exemption" decision of the US side.

Dan Katarivas said, "although Israel is a true friend of the United States and has signed a free trade agreement with the United States, Israel does not have the same tariff exemption as Australia," Dan Katarivas said.

Dan Katarivas also said the decision would cause serious damage to the Israeli economy, especially in the local metal and aluminum industries, which would cause a "fatal blow" to it. In addition, he said the unilateral actions of the United States would bring many uncertainties.

The report also said that the United States is Israel's largest commodity export market, accounting for 29% of Israel's exports. According to the statistics of the Israeli Central Bureau of statistics, Israel's exports to the United States are almost two times that of imports, and the US trade deficit with Israel is about $10 billion a year (over four years).

However, according to Israeli I24news television reports, in March this year, there were media reports that in fact, the U. S. tariffs on the overall impact of the Israeli economy is very small, and the US steel and aluminum exports to the United States only $25 million a year. In contrast, Canada, the largest exporter of steel in the US, exported $5 billion 530 million worth of steel to the US in 2017.

In addition, according to the Russian satellite network, the United States has relocated its embassy in Jerusalem in spite of a collective protest from the European community, including the European Union, and has reached a new high in relations with the United States under President Trump. Then in May, the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and was supported by Prime Minister Netanyahu, "fully supporting President Trump's decision and calling on the EU to support the U. S. 'nuclear agreement' decision."

At the end of May this year, the United States announced that it would impose tariffs of 25% and 10% on steel and aluminum imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico, starting June 1st.

The move was strongly countered by allies. The EU announced retaliation of tariffs on 2 billion 800 million euro - scale U.S. imports, and Canada announced plans to levy a 16 billion 600 million Canadian dollar vindictive tariff on US steel, aluminum and other products from July 1st, and the Canadian government will continue to carry out tariffs as long as the US tariffs remain unchanged.

Then in June, the United States announced a tariff on India, for which India also joined the counterattack against the United States and increased tariffs on 29 kinds of American imports, such as agricultural products and steel products.

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