The British air force grand parade F35 led hundreds of fighters to fly over Buckingham Palace.

The British air force grand parade F35 led hundreds of fighters to fly over Buckingham Palace.

According to the times of the British Times reported in July 11th, to commemorate the establishment of the Royal Air Force 100th anniversary, the British London held a grand parade in July 10th, including the sharp F-35A fighter, the Typhoon aircraft and some 100 war planes flying over Buckingham Palace, showing the Royal Air Force for 100 years. History. 70 thousand people were watching the scene, and members of the British royal family also watched the show.

The flying performance teams flying across Buckingham Palace are from the British media.

Founded in April 1, 1918, the Royal Air Force was the oldest air force in the world at the end of the first World War. This July 10th, also coincides with the 100th anniversary 100th days of the British Royal Air Force, to commemorate the two 100, 22 British "typhoon" fighters formed the "100" pattern took the lead in the flight of Buckingham Palace, to present the British citizens and royal members of the surprise, the biggest bright spot of the day.

The captain of the Royal Air Force squadron, Mike Child, 38, said the flight performance was planned for several months, and the formation pilot had also conducted simulator training and multiple training flights.

When asked how difficult the formation was, he said, "this is very difficult, because this is the largest formation that my typhoon troops have ever flown."

Typhoon fighters of the British air force that make up the "100" pattern.

In addition to the active typhoon fighters, the active service and the wartime fighters served during the cold war also participated in the parade.

A fleet of slaves in London


Flying red arrows flying over London

It is noteworthy that the new generation of the fifth generation stealth fighter F-35A was first seen in parade. There were more than 1000 air force officers and soldiers who participated in the flight formation. In World War II, the famous "fire" fighters and "Lancaster" bombers in World War II, and the famous British "red arrow" flying performance team will also appear in this commemorative flight, commemorating the history of the Royal Air force for a hundred years.

A hurricane that flies over London (left to right), fires (left two middle right two), and Lancaster (big).

Three new F-35 fighters fly over Buckingham Palace: BBC

British Wind fighter plane source: BBC

This great moment will be witnessed by the queen, Prince Welsh, Duchess of Cornwall, and other members of the royal family.

A member of the royal family watching the parade

In addition to the April 1st celebrations, the Royal Air Force will also hold a series of commemorative events in cities such as London, Cardiff, Manchester and other cities, and will continue until December this year.

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