Affected by typhoon Maria, part of the high-speed rail is closed through Zhengzhou east station.

Affected by typhoon Maria, part of the high-speed rail is closed through Zhengzhou east station.

Original title: affected by typhoon Maria, part of high-speed rail passing through Zhengzhou East Station

In July 11th, by the strong typhoon "Maria" login impact, Zhejiang Cangnan Xiaguan rainstorm, the ground under the strong wind, the sea of seafood gear building materials scattered one place, surging journalists have been blown open eyes. Zhang Liutao map of an surging journalist

In July 11th, the reporter learned from Zhengzhou east station: affected by Typhoon "Maria", in July 11th through Zhengzhou east station G1908 (Zhengzhou East - Fuzhou), G2045 (Zhengzhou East - Xiamen North), G1902 (Fuzhou - Xi'an North), G1904 (Xi'an North Fuzhou), G2046 (Xiamen North - Zhengzhou East), G1906 ( Fuzhou - Zhengzhou East train stops.

It is understood that the central meteorological station has just released news that this year, the eighth typhoon "Maria" (strong stage wind) center has been in today (11) at 9:10 at 9:10 in Lianjiang County, Fujian Province, the Huangqi Peninsula coast, the largest wind near the center of the center is 14 (42 meters per second), the central minimum pressure of 96 thousand pa . The train affected by Zhengzhou east station is mainly concentrated in the southeast direction.

The railway department suggests that the full train refund procedures can be processed at the railway station window within 30 days. Passengers who buy tickets from the 12306 railway customer service center website can also log in to the 12306 website within 30 days for refund procedures if you haven't changed your ticket. It is suggested that passengers who return the tickets should not concentrate on the station.

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