China's domestically produced aircraft carrier is still in the dark at the end of the year or in service to India's new ship.

China's domestically produced aircraft carrier is still in the dark at the end of the year or in service to India's new ship.

The enemy is in the Ministry of defense? India's second domestic aircraft carrier plan is far from being expected.

According to Jane's defense report, the India Navy plans to build and deliver second domestic aircraft carriers (IAC-2) 2030-32 years ago, but most importantly, the India Defense Department (MoD) has been delaying the plan as a result of the continued decline in the budget and technical barriers.

The proposed second domestic aircraft carriers are 65000-70000 tons of conventional power direct deck aircraft carriers. The provisional name is Vishal (Grand) - the ability to carry 50-60 fixed wings and helicopters with a speed of 30 knots, and the estimated cost of 800-900 billion rupees ($11.65-13) is part of the India Navy's capability outlook program (MCCP).

The plan was first announced in 2005 and was then updated to 15 years in 2027. The plan envisages the deployment of three aircraft carrier combat groups (CBG) in India: one in the East and the West and one in reserve.

In 2006, the first domestic aircraft carrier, Victor rant, was built in India. The vickland aircraft's displacement is close to 40 thousand tons, which belongs to the category of medium-sized aircraft carrier, and its tonnage is close to that of the French De Gaulle aircraft carrier. Because of the limited capability of India's own naval vessels, the aircraft carrier was designed by Italy. India does not have its own carrier aircraft, so the Russian MIG 29 fighter is used. According to the design of India, the aircraft carrier can carry 16 MIG 29 fighters, and the rest have some helicopters. It was originally planned to serve in 2014, and then vacated the dockyard to build second domestic aircraft carriers.

The ideal is very plump, the reality is very bone. The first domestic aircraft carrier in India has not been built yet, and the second domestic carriers are far from being expected. In contrast, China's aircraft carrier progress can be described as rapid, the first aircraft carrier "Liaoning ship" has initially formed a combat force, the first domestic aircraft carrier is carrying out second sea trials. According to experts, it is predicted to deliver the Chinese Navy by the end of 2018. (power to talk about the world / Zhang Mi)

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