Rookie strategic holding point I reached: crowdsourcing business +2.9 billion investment

Rookie strategic holding point I reached: crowdsourcing business +2.9 billion investment

Sina Technology News on the morning of July 11th, the rookie network announced today, with the public package business and other business resources and $290 million cash strategic investment of the largest real-time logistics platform, to become its controlling shareholder. This is by far the largest investment in the field of instant logistics in China.

Introduction of rookie, point we are the founder of China's real time logistics, the country's largest instant power network, the most full life service scene and distribution category. After the financing, I will get the fund and business support of the rookie, at the same time, in the warehouse, express, city and other fields to strengthen the integration, cooperation with the group army operations, ushered in more space for development.

"Welcome me to join the rookie family and take part in the new logistics process." The president of the network of rookie network, Wan Lin, said that the next rookie will and point me to "one heart, a battle, a picture", focusing on a minute distribution to provide better logistics supply chain support for new retail, and become an organic part of the national backbone of intelligent logistics.

"Rookie is the world's leading intelligent logistics network platform. Joining the rookie ecosystem will bring dual driving force to technology and ecology for me." CEO Zhao Jianfeng said that, with the support of the rookie, we will build the national leading minute delivery service through model innovation and technological innovation to drive retail change and achieve rapid growth.

It is reported that the point I was founded in June 2015. Currently, there are about 3000000 riders on the platform, covering more than 300 cities, serving more than one million businesses and nearly 100 million users every day. (Han Dapeng)

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