Only 10 of the German fighters were able to use the United States' dissatisfaction.

Only 10 of the German fighters were able to use the United States' dissatisfaction.

Author: Zhang Yi

Recently, the United States has asked allies to increase military spending and assume more responsibilities in the US foreign military operations. Although the move has caused much controversy, the United States is still firmly committed. However, a recent survey of the German air force shows that the "little brothers" in Europe are more "less powerful" than the American imagination, and the military demands of the United States are afraid to be cold.

In July 10, 2018, according to the reference news network quoted by the German "mirror" weekly report, a recent survey of the status of the German Air Force has attracted the attention of all parties, because Germany is the representative of the European military force, and is also an important military power in the world. However, the result of the investigation is very optimistic, and the German Air Force combat readiness demand gap has reached alarming level. This has led us president Trump to demand more European military spending, to improve its defense capabilities and to take more responsibility in US global military operations.

According to the relevant reports, the German air force is currently equipped with 128 "typhoon" aircraft, but half a year ago in the national defense routine inspection, the departments concerned found that most of the aircraft wing sensors can not work normally. What is more ironic is that not only is it difficult to raise the cost of replacing parts in Germany, but that the manufacturers of the related parts have been resold, and the German side is not able to buy the spare parts. After being appraised by the technical department, there are only about 10 aircraft in the hundreds of fighters meeting the standard of safe flight.

German military power has always been the "legend" of Europe, especially after the Second World War, the German army's quality from equipment to military personnel has almost become a symbol of mythology. Equipment maintenance is the "basic course" of the military, and today, the precise German in the air force aircraft maintenance has such a big mistake, it is really shocking. The German army that once swept Europa has formed this situation inseparable from the relevant policies of the United States. Although it does have its own reasons, the unnormal intervention of the United States still plays an important role.

After the end of the cold war, the US military objective shifted from "two extremes to hegemony" to "leading the world". Under such circumstances, many traditional European military powers, such as Germany, Britain and France, have become the important objects of "prevention" in the United States. In order to contain the military power of these traditional military powers, the United States, on the one hand, weakened the independent defense capacity of the EU countries on the basis of "strengthening NATO defense system", and "reformed" their army in accordance with the NATO "demand". As a traditional European military power, Germany is an important object of concern.

On the other hand, the United States has vigorously "castrated" the national defense industry of the European military power, such as by forcing European countries to combat the European military industry on a large scale to combat the European military industry or by monopolizing key technologies to curb the lag in the development of the related defense industry in the European countries. Under the strong oppression of the United States, the operation of the military industry sector in most European countries, including Germany, is very difficult and even forced to sell the related enterprises. This has led to the shortage of spare parts for the self-produced military equipment in European countries, because manufacturers have disappeared.

Since "big brother" is reluctant to develop its own military forces, many countries in Europe are "happy", coupled with the economic downturn, and many countries have reduced military input repeatedly. The predicament of the German air force is only one of the consequences of years of American policy on allies' military precautions. Only when allies are weakened to a certain extent in the United States, the United States finds that it is not so good. Now, though Trump repeatedly asked allies to increase military spending, even if Germany had such a large military gap, it would be even more difficult for other countries to be optimistic. The United States has been weakening its ally policy for many years, and today it is finally "lifting a stone to hit it on its own feet". (authorship: major defense)

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