US experts rarely approve Taiwan: report us ship across Taiwan Straits completely wrong

US experts rarely approve Taiwan: report us ship across Taiwan Straits completely wrong

[global network comprehensive report] recently, two American destroyers through the Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan Defense Department was the first to release the news, but the United States has a low profile. The 11 daily report of Hongkong Zhong commentary said that the incident triggered a series of conjectures about whether the US ship was stationed and whether the US troops stationed in Taiwan. In this regard, US Taiwan related experts warned that if the U. S. troops return to Taiwan will put Sino US relations on the crater, the United States may have to close the Embassy in China, which will cross the red line set up by the Chinese side.

Reported that for the U.S. Navy Navigation through the Taiwan Strait, The Pentagon media director Manning, 9, said, "the United States has the right to go through." Logan, another spokesman for the The Pentagon, also echoed that the US Navy will go through the Taiwan Strait from the East China Sea to the South China Sea for various reasons.

Douglas Paal, vice president of the Carnegie International Peace Foundation, said during an interview that, so far, it has not found any new place in the Trump administration's policy on Taiwan or the military action related to Taiwan. He said that the Taiwan media reported that the "rare" passage of the US Navy through the Taiwan Straits is totally wrong. He suspects that the Taiwan Defense Department is more likely to show to the people of Taiwan that some activities are being done against the PLA's activities around Taiwan.

Will the US Marine Corps be stationed in the new site of the AIT? Will the US ship be a berth? Hao Zhijian, professor at Missouri State University (Dennis V). Hickey) said there have been reports that the US Marine Corps will be stationed in the AIT Taipei office building, "this is the" false news "that the same gang who insisted Trump's son would take part in the new facility. It seems that no matter how many times American officials deny it, some elements in Taiwan are always repeating such stories. " He also believes that the US Navy is unlikely to stop at any port in Taiwan. Everyone knows that this will trigger a strong reaction from mainland China.

Hao Zhijian

"It is one thing for the US destroyer to cross the Strait of Taiwan. It is quite different for the active US Army to return to Taiwan island. Such a move may put Sino US relations on the crater. Hao Zhijian said, "in fact, the United States will probably have to close its embassy in Beijing. When it comes to unofficial relations between the United States and Taiwan, tolerance in mainland China is limited. I believe this action will cross the "red line". "

In the case of the American warship through the Taiwan Strait, the foreign ministry spokesman, Hua Chunying, responded on 9 days. The Chinese side has paid close attention to the situation in which the United States warships navigate the Taiwan Strait and has expressed concern to the United States. It must be pointed out that the Taiwan issue is related to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and is the most important and sensitive issue in Sino US relations. The Chinese side urges the US side to conscientiously abide by the one China principle and the three United States joint communique provisions of the United States and China, carefully and properly handle the issue of Taiwan related to Taiwan so as not to harm the relations between China and the United States and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

In response to China's response, Hao Zhijian said that it is more reasonable to use "quiet diplomacy" instead of "gunboat diplomacy" to resolve the differences between China and the United States. The deployment of military assets may lead to unexpected "incidents" and escalate to full-scale conflicts. "In this important bilateral relationship, we already have enough problems. Why do we need to take greater risks?"

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