Us completes Sade patriot joint interception experiment to achieve Missile Defense Integration

Us completes Sade patriot joint interception experiment to achieve Missile Defense Integration

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) announced in April that it had successfully conducted a missile defense tracking test at Baisha missile range, New Mexico.

1. Background

The experiment, completed by MDA and the army, tested the interoperability between the "THAAD," "Saad" in Chinese, and the low altitude "Patriot". The test may have a greater impact. The US fiscal year 2019 defense authorization act may increase US $175 million to speed up the integration of "patriots" and "Sade" to meet the needs of US troops in Korea. A few days ago, MDA director Samuel Greaves disclosed more details of the trial.

Two. Test content

The test, named FTX-35, completed the interoperability test between two defense systems and was in line with the requirements of the 2016 defense authorization act 1675th on interoperability and integration. The experiment proves the interoperability between the two systems. In the experiment, a "Sam" missile target projectile was launched from the Baisha missile range and was detected and tracked by "Saad" AN/TPV-2 radar. The Patriot was also detected and tracked in a similar manner. "Saad" and "Patriot" exchange real-time data and coordinate operations through tactical data link to verify the interoperability between weapon systems.

Three, interoperability

The ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) is a layered defense system for various range ballistic missiles, which requires effective communication between the components such as "Saad" and "Patriot". As part of the hierarchical defense system, "Sade" and "Patriot" system can carry out standard information communication through tactical data chain to realize information sharing. The FTX-35 test is mainly used to confirm the system interoperability when tracking flight targets. The test results show that there is no problem of interoperability.

The "command, control, combat management and communication" (C2BMC) of the ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) connects "Saad" and "Patriot" by tactical distance radio, satellite communication, long distance fiber communication chain, and provides integrated regional missile defense capability for the operational command. In order to facilitate the information communication between the components of the ballistic missile defense system (BMDS), the US Army also designed tactical software and trained the fighters in establishing and maintaining tactical data chains.

Four, the importance of interoperability

Through the interoperability between the components of the ballistic missile defense system (BMDS), the US Army will be able to integrate and synchronize missile defense systems to obtain optimized and multilayer defense capabilities. Tactical communication plays a key role in maximizing cooperative defense, saving air defense missiles and providing situational awareness for operational commanders.

Five. Tactical data chain and software upgrading

The tactical data link is built and maintained by the operational personnel of the ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) deployment site. FTX-35 has also tested the software upgrade, which involves the sad weapon system to facilitate the integration of the new AN/TPY-2 X86 terminal mode radar with the sad weapon system. FTX-35 supports the test of "Saad" software Build 3, and it is expected that the software will be put into use in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018. FTX-35 confirms that the software has no adverse effect on the interoperability of the ballistic missile defense system (BMDS). (authorship: Defense Science and technology important news / Chen Pei)

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