Is the cave trapped teenager completely anaesthetized? Prime Minister Thailand refute the rumor

Is the cave trapped teenager completely anaesthetized? Prime Minister Thailand refute the rumor

Original title: cavern trapped youth rescued by anesthesia? Thai Prime Minister rumor rescue workers: the first 4 people have changed two or three ways.

Source: Red Star News

Last night, 18 members of Thailand's 13 teenage soccer team members were rescued after being trapped in the Chiang Rai cave for a long time. At present, Thailand officials have not yet announced the details of the rescue mission, which has also led to a variety of speculation, especially because one of the site rescuers came from a narcotic doctor from Adelaide, Australia, which has led the "children to be taken out of the anesthesiosis".

However, at the press conference held in July 10th, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha was asked whether teenagers were injected with tranquilizers and made a clear denial. "Who will anaesthetized them? How do they escape if they are anaesthetized? Just take antidepressant drugs, so that their emotions should not be too tense, so as not to affect rescue. " "This kind of medicine is just like the medicine that the hunter used to keep calm before shooting," he said.

Anesthetized expert: theoretically feasible, but the whole process should be avoided.

"I've never heard of such a rescue case before."

According to Thailand media, a Finland diver, Suntara (Jani Santala), who had been involved in the rescue, did suggest that the children be given medicine so that they could "deliver parcels" and save them more efficiently. Suntara told BBC in a previous interview that children and coaches had not been trained in diving, and some would not even swim, so it could be a better way to keep them still.

But in fact, his plan was not used in the end, and rescuers were just taking some anti - anxiety drugs to let the children out of the water with a diver. Among them, more than half a kilometre of the journey is under water, and children need to wear full cover to swim out, which further confirms that they have not been thoroughly anesthetized.

So, theoretically, is it really feasible for anesthesia to bring young people out? The Red Star reporter interviewed Liu Bin, the former deputy director of the anesthesiology department of West China Hospital. Dr. Liu, who has retired, told the Red Star News reporter that the intubation, ventilator, and unidirectional valve ventilation under general anesthesia, coupled with muscle relaxants and sedative drugs, "can actually be carried out in theory and feasible". But, he said, if such a rescue is likely to be unpredictable, "for example, when the ventilator is submerged under water, the oxygen supply is sufficient, the children's blood pressure is stable, and how it continues to be given."

"And the whole process of operation of the system must avoid water all the time, not to mention the water in the cave, which is also the key." Dr. Liu told the Red Star News reporter that this way is only theoretically feasible. "It has never been heard before in the rescue process and has been used to save people."

Previously, Red Star News reporters to the local Chinese rescue workers to verify the rescue method, the other is also called temporary can not be announced, only "with the four children out of the process, the two or three ways of rescue", "(main) or diver brought out."

Therapist: "boys need to be quarantined for another week."

European giants club is invited to watch next season's competition.

Doctors in charge of the treatment of adolescents said at a press conference yesterday that 8 of the first two batches of rescued children had symptoms such as low temperature, slow heart rate and lung infection, but treatment has improved and no signs of fever have been found.

"They are still malnourished. Contact with the outside world too early may infect germs." "And they have been in the cave for a long time, and they are likely to bring unknown bacteria to the ground and have to be isolated for a week to return home," the doctor said in a Thai media interview.

As a result, although the teenagers have been out of danger, it is a pity that the FIFA has invited them to see the World Cup final for the time being.

Fortunately, the India Times reported that the Premier League club Manchester United and the Portuguese Super League strong Benfica have extended their olive branches to them and invited the youngsters and rescuers to watch the next season. Among them, the Portuguese side invited them to the training camp for training together, and promised to bear all the children's expenses.

Red Star News reporter Zhai Jiaqi

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