Typhoon "Maria" has caused 187 thousand and 600 people in Fujian to be affected


Original title: Typhoon Maria has caused 187 thousand and 600 people in Fujian to suffer.

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Zhang Tong) Eighth typhoon this year, "Maria", in today (11) at 9:10 on the Lianjiang coast, noon reporters from the Fujian provincial Civil Affairs Office official network learned, as of 11, the 11, affected by the typhoon, 8 districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area, 48 counties (cities, districts) affected, affected by the disaster, affected by the city, the district) suffered disaster. 187 thousand and 600 people were evacuated and 154 thousand and 500 were evacuated immediately. Due to the interruption of power and network in some counties (cities and districts), efforts are being made to further get in touch with each other, and the disaster is still being counted. According to the development trend of disaster situation, the Disaster Reduction Committee of Fujian province and the provincial Civil Affairs Department launched the provincial natural disaster relief III response at 11 o'clock at 11 o'clock.

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