General Yang Wei: how many angles are the flying photos taken by the army fans? 20.

General Yang Wei: how many angles are the flying photos taken by the army fans? 20.

The motherland will eventually remember those who are dedicated to the motherland.

The "Galaxy team" of the annihilate -20

The sound of the roar is far and close. It is like a silver lightning, which is instantly inserted into the sky, and the other is flying out of the same red band as it is, and quickly hidden into the white clouds. The whole process was accompanied by the screaming of two boys.

On the Internet, this "wall climbing video" has spread widely. In this way, the army fans introduce the fighter -20: the code named "Weilong", a stealth fourth generation fighter with high stealth, high situational awareness, high mobility and so on, which is developed by China aviation industry group.

In February of this year, a spokesman for the Chinese Air Force announced that the -20 began to install Air Force combat troops, and the stealth fighter finally came to the surface. The official evaluation is that the joining of the fighter -20 embodies the leap forward development of China's aviation industry and the modernization of the air force, and is an important achievement of the independent innovation of China's aviation industry.

Yang Weichang, the general designer of the annihilate -20, put the pictures and video of the fighter -20 aircraft on the big screen, and said to the people around him, "how good the photos of the junkies have taken!"

Academician Yang Wei is a "superhero" in the minds of many young people. The army fans did not know that the fighter -20 leader had been in the party age for more than 30 years. Behind him, he was a group of designers, manufacturers, pilots and pilots with Communist Party members as the main body. They assembled into the "Galaxy team" to jointly uphold the pride of the Chinese people.

Unsymmetrical transcendence, boundless creation

There is a wall in Yang Wei's office. DUBAO displays a model of the aircraft that leads to the sky. The soft lights are on the model, and the streamlines flicker with the metallic luster. Only the sub light on the -20 is so quiet that one can associate it with a deep cloud, a sudden attack, and then a short flash of blue flares.

Yang Wei's desk was facing the wall, and he looked up to see these models. In his eyes, a plane is a group of "symbols": the past and the present of our aviation industry, we have a staggering technological route, and we have the goal of catching up.

"Fighter research and development has long been strictly secrecy and completely blocked by foreign countries. In the past, we were rushing to catch up with the direction of advanced fighters. In the future, we must go out of a way by innovating ourselves. Yang Wei's gaze fell on the empty lattices on the wall.

Indeed, China's "Galaxy team" achieved the formal assembly of -20 in 2018, which is a miracle.

"We have advanced means, advanced processes, advanced teams, including the accumulation of technology in the past, and the technical grasp of the big direction, which has played a very important role." Yang Wei introduced that "asymmetric transcendence and boundless creation" is a realm. "Equipment is used for gaming, regardless of which equipment to develop, there must be trade-offs. One of the concepts of trade-off is asymmetry. If you follow others completely, there will be no asymmetry. It is a symmetrical form of comparison with others. When weighing, you must highlight or improve something, and at the same time you can give up or reduce something, which will form an asymmetrical advantage.

The designers of the aviation industry in Chengdu are impressed by Yang Wei's pursuit of power. After 80, he clearly remember that, in that year, Yang Wei master suddenly said to overthrow the completion of the technical scheme, give the new design goals and requirements, which made the relevant R & D personnel nearly "collapse" - after three or four months to fly, the team's software development has completed 80%, some hardware has been done... Under the premise that we must ensure that the "back wall does not fall" (the last time node remains unchanged), the overthrow of the past means self revolution.

Yang Wei and everyone "heart": "the new generation of the new machine has to have a cross generation of architecture, we have been judged that this can make the country step forward, then why is it only half a step? Let's spell one more! " A few years later, he was forced to admire Yang Wei's decision making.

Yang Wei was 15 years old. He was a smart man in the eyes of other people. But he was very diligent. "We are in a chase period. If we are all in line with nine to five, how can we catch it?" The defense line of national airspace will not wait for you! "

"I have been in the party for more than 30 years and are engaged in the cause of the party itself. When the whole team is fighting for the cause of the party and for the cause of the country, the party members and Party organizations naturally play the most important role, which is to carry out the wishes of the party, the state and the people, to the heart of every Party member and staff and workers, as reflected in the day. In a day of conscious action. " As a technical leader, Yang Wei knows he must first become a researcher and explore the forefront of technological development; as a general designer, he must point out the right direction for the team. As an old communist, he has to lead the team for the great cause, and for the motherland. The empty peace and peace and unremitting struggle.

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