Heavy rain and river water surging in Sichuan

Heavy rain and river water surging in Sichuan

Original title: flood impact on Baocheng railway bridge, two heavy haul freight trains on the upper bridge to bridge the bridge

Cover news news (reporter Li Zhi probationer Zhong Xiaolu) on the morning of July 11th, because of the continuous heavy rainfall in Sichuan, the water level of the Fujiang River Basin in Mianyang was rapidly rising, which had an impact on the Fujiang bridge of Baocheng railway.

It is understood that after the occurrence of the water situation, China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. quickly started the linkage coordination mechanism of flood control emergency plan and dangerous disposition. On the one hand, it actively sought flood discharge support from the flood control and drought control headquarters of the people's Government of Sichuan province and reduced the water level of the river basin.

On the other hand, the Chengdu bureau group company set up two columns of super 45 section of the heavy cargo train on the bridge, through the "heavy car press beam" way to enhance the weight of the bridge, and improve the stability of the beam body when the flood peak is scoured on the pier.

It is understood that the heavy truck is composed of railway special ballast cars, commonly known as "old K car", the railway carriage is loaded with ballast. The weight of each car's ballast is about 70 tons.

The 57002 freight train carries out pressure beams on the Fujiang railway bridge from the north of Mianyang to the Shima dam section.

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