Men did not play games, mobile phones were brushed 19 consumption more than 10 thousand customer service: know nothing about

Men did not play games, mobile phones were brushed 19 consumption more than 10 thousand customer service: know nothing about

Original title: 19 brushes in video. The game has never been installed to consume more than ten thousand yuan

Now the mobile game is dazzling, but a lot of games, want to play very fast, that must be paid, but the Secretary of Xi'an, Shaanxi has been a little depressed recently, ten thousand multiple unknowingly spent on the game, but he has never played this game, in the end how to do it?

More than 8 o'clock that night, Mr. Si suddenly received a 648 yuan consumption bill. You can scare him! Because the buckle cost came from the Apple Corp, but the company rarely used Apple's buckle software. It thought it was a problem, was it stolen, and gave the apple customer service a phone call immediately.

At the time of the phone call to the apple customer service, the manager's cell phone was ringing. At the beginning, he thought it was a friend's message. Then he took a glance and found out that when he called the apple customer service, he had been paying a total of 18 dollars and 648 yuan.

Mr. Secretary is directly ignorant! Look at the bill, just a few minutes, a total of 19 648 yuan payment records ah! Mr. Kui responded quickly, and hurriedly asked the customer service to find a way to freeze the account in time.

After the phone call, Mr. Si began to examine carefully what happened. The more than 12000 yuan were originally consumed in a mobile game called Angel era, and each 6480 yuan was purchased for 648 yuan.

But he said he had never played the game, and there was no record of the game that had been downloaded in the apple account. In WeChat's payment settings, there was a WeChat automatic withholding service, but it was not downloaded and installed, but a WeChat wallet associated with the account. Directly deducting the charges, this makes it difficult for Mr. Si to understand anything.

Mr. Si also said that no one knew the account number and password of his apple store. So, the Secretary immediately contacted the game customer service, the other said that the game withholding recharge, it is necessary to click the charge first to be able to, the Secretary of this situation, before really did not have happened.

The game customer service showed no knowledge, and Mr. Shi contacted the customer service of Apple Corp. Apple Corp customer service shows that they are only a recharge platform, if they buckle the money only to the game, they will not receive any fees, if the mobile phone does not download the software, generally will not appear this situation, this may be the game developers over there, the specific reason why they are not clear.

Both sides of the customer service have clearly expressed that there is no solution, but this strange is consumed more than 10 thousand yuan, so that Mr. Shi can not accept, at present he is also ready to report to the public security organs, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Source: Shaanxi youth

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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