Heavy rain caused Gansu railway line to collapse, Longhai Lanyu Line Train delayed.

Heavy rain caused Gansu railway line to collapse, Longhai Lanyu Line Train delayed.

Original title: torrential rain caused Gansu railway line to collapse, Longhai, Lanyu Line Train delayed or outage

China new network, Lanzhou, July 11 (Qiang) 11 (Qiang), 11, China Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. issued a message that, even in Japan, the impact of strong precipitation in Gansu, the group company Lanyu, Longhai line multiple trains appear in different degrees, Lanzhou to Xiamen T128 late 15 hours, Lanzhou to Beijing West train Z76 stop Transportation.

The Gansu heavy rainfall period mainly concentrated in the 10 day day to night, Longnan, Tianshui, Pingliang, Qingyang and other cities to heavy rain, some places have heavy rain, the process of cumulative rainfall up to 140 to 160 millimeters. On the 10 day, the Gansu Meteorological Bureau launched a four level emergency response to major meteorological protection.

The group said that due to the impact of torrential rain, Longhai and Lanyu line transport organizations were seriously affected. In order to ensure the safety of railway transportation, the group company quickly started the emergency plan, dispatcher orders, and coordinated action by the departments of car, engineering, electricity and power supply, and took measures such as closed interval, speed limit operation, investigation and emergency treatment and so on, and tried to minimize the effect of water damage to safety and smooth flow.

At 8 July 10th, the entire railway line of the Lanzhou Chongqing railway encountered sudden heavy rainfall. The Longxi locomotive, Longnan Works section, the Dingxi common works section and the Lanzhou electricity section quickly started the emergency plan. According to the division of duties, it divided into the front line to stare the key operation safety. Ensure the safety of flood control.

At the same time, the flood control office and command center of the Longnan Works section are in time to concentrate and compare the satellite cloud map data and analyze the parameters. Through the control of the rain gauge system, the flood control video terminal and the CTC system, the rainfall information is accurately mastered. At the same time, the organization personnel carry on the 24 hour guard to the flood control sites in the tube, and increase the rain inspection. Dynamic addition, rail vehicle inspection and ground inspection are combined to arrange the two-way transit train of functional cadres, and the cumulative arrangement of 17 passengers and goods has been arranged, and 7 sets of rail vehicles are sent to the traffic equipment between Yao Du and Zhang county stations which have been affected by the rainfall 16 times. 44 people were checked by the rain on foot, and the hidden trouble of the flood control and the danger tree on both sides of the line was checked by the name type drawing. The speed limit disposal was carried out in the key section, the condition of the line equipment was stared in real time, and the normal operation of the whole line of the Lanzhou Chongqing railway was ensured.

In view of the safety hazards caused by the collapse of the lines and subgrade subsidence caused by the rainstorm, the cadres of the Dingxi Works section and the Lanzhou electric service section quickly assembled the groups of the package insurance workshops, focusing on the overall inspection of the sinking section of the Longhai line, the transition section of the bridge and culvert foundation, the traven, the traven, the station and the signal equipment. When dealing with safety hazards, ensure the safety of driving equipment.

Lanzhou Bureau Group reminds passengers to pay attention to the information released by the station car, check the ticket information carefully, and do a good job in individual travel planning.  

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