Korean stamps are popular with Chinese tourists: Kim Jong-il also loves collecting stamps.

Korean stamps are popular with Chinese tourists: Kim Jong-il also loves collecting stamps.

Original title: cold noodles, war to resist aggression and aid Korea, World Cup... The DPRK and the world in the stamp

With its distinctive pattern design, the theme of the time and the moderate price, the Korean stamps are becoming more and more popular tourist souvenirs for Chinese tourists.

All kinds of stamps, postcards and other types of postal products will make great achievements in the economic and social development of Korea and the historical moments of foreign exchanges.

Stamps have become an important carrier and brand-new card for the DPRK to display its national image abroad. It is playing a unique role in promoting the development of the Korean cultural industry, especially in promoting tourism, economic and trade investment and friendly exchanges between the people.

Near the Korea Hotel, one of the top hotels in Pyongyang, the capital of DPRK, there is a two storey building, the Korean Stamp Museum, which focuses, publicize and sell postage stamps, such as Korean stamps.

In 2012, it was upgraded from the stamp exhibition hall to the museum, with the function of popularizing stamp culture and exhibition.

Commentator Kang Zhixiang told reporters 9 days ago that the museum displayed in chronological order the display of more than 6000 stamps, envelopes and postcards issued after the founding of the DPRK. The stamps issued at the end of the Korean feudal dynasty and the trophies and medals won by the DPRK at the international stamp exhibition were also exhibited.

The Korean and Chinese Friendship theme stamps are welcome

Among them, stamps reflecting the friendship between the two countries are very conspicuous.

In recent months, the DPRK issued a new stamp that reflects the friendly relations between the DPRK and China. These stamps and previous stamps, which reflect the history of the friendship between the north and the middle of the dynasty, have been collected together, and are popular with foreigners and visitors to the DPRK, especially many Chinese.

Among them, a commemorative album, which was launched by the DPRK, chairman of the Korean Labour Party chairman and chairman of the State Council Kim Jeong-eun for the first time, was very popular.

Jin Huijing, the head of the museum, said that five or six delegations came to the museum every day to visit and buy, with more than ten groups at most, many of them Chinese tourists.

She introduced a number of post books that reflect the friendship between the north and the north, one of which is a limited issue, a post with numbered and anti-counterfeiting certificates. The book entitled "the history of the DPRK China Friendship" includes many valuable stamps reflecting the history of exchanges between the leaders of the two countries and their profound friendship.

She said North Korea's stamp album with certificates of collection is rare and valuable.

A business delegation from Yiwu, Zhejiang, China is visiting the museum. A Luo surnamed businessman told reporters that visiting here can give a better understanding of the social and cultural development of the DPRK. On the recommendation, he bought a commemorative stamp book reflecting the friendship between the two countries.

In addition, the 2018 World Cup was held in full swing in Russia, and the DPRK's national Stamp Museum has also collected a series of stamps issued by the DPRK on the theme of the world cup.

Kim Jong-il is also a philatelic enthusiast

In the interview, the reporter also saw a glass cabinet with a number of foreign stamps collected by Kim Jong-il, the top leader of the former North Korean leader, including Chinese stamps such as "the long march", "the ancient Chinese car and horse", etc.

The commentator said that Kim Jong-il liked stamp collecting when he was in middle school, and he was very concerned about the development of the stamp industry in North Korea.

Kang Zhixiang said that for many foreigners, they know little about the real development of the DPRK, the history of the DPRK and the way of life of the Korean people. The visit to the stamp museum can make a certain understanding of the DPRK in a very short time.

As a card reflecting the development of Korean culture and economic and social development, stamps can be bought not only in the stamp museum, but also in the foreign language bookstore and foreign stores in Pyongyang, DPRK. In the duty-free shops at the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, there are also stores selling Korean stamps and other cultural products.

The Korean stamp museum is part of the DPRK stamp issuing agency. In order to provide a more comfortable and spacious visit to the increasing domestic and foreign guests, the museum has implemented the expansion project from April this year, and will be completed before the national day of Korea 70th anniversary in September 9th this year.

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