Xinhua News Agency: China is among the first 20 of the world's most innovative economies for the first time.

Xinhua News Agency: China is among the first 20 of the world's most innovative economies for the first time.

Xinhua news agency, Washington, July (reporter Zhou Zhou) 10 (reporter Zhou Zhou) World Intellectual Property Organization and the United States, the Cornell University and other institutions of 10 released the 2018 global innovation index report, China was the first to be the most innovative economy 20, the seventeenth.

The report shows that compared with 2017, China has steadily increased from twenty-second to 5. Switzerland, Holland and Sweden continued to rank the top three, while the United Kingdom rose 1 places, ranking fourth, while the United States slipped from fourth to sixth.

Although the United States still ranks first in the core innovation input and output, it ranks second in the number of researchers, patents and science and technology publications, after China.

Francis Gauri, the director general of the world intellectual property organization, said that China's rapid promotion reflects the strategic direction set by its leadership, that is, to develop world-class innovation capabilities and to transform the economic structure into knowledge intensive industries, which are more dependent on innovation to maintain competitiveness. He believes that this marks the arrival of innovation multipolarization.

The report also evaluates the ability of economies to convert educational investment and R & D expenditure into high quality innovation results, among which Switzerland, Luxemburg and China are the top three.

In the updated global ranking of the best technology clusters, Japan's Tokyo Yokohama region and China's Shenzhen Hongkong region are among the top two. The number of innovation hotspots in the United States is the largest, a total of 26.

The 2018 global innovation index quantified the innovation capacity of 126 global economies, including 80 items such as intellectual property applications, mobile application innovation, education expenditure and science and technology publications.

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